Nov 16, 2019

La MaMa Kids: Clown Workshop

Led by Kendall Cornell
Ages 6+

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Unleash your inner Delightmaker!   Learn the joys of having a Flop and finding humor when things go wrong.   In this clowning workshop for all family members (large and small), you will practice the ancient art of physical comedy — creating laughter by sharing your authentic silly self. No prior experience necessary! Exercises and fun led by Kendall Cornell and members of her troupe Clowns Ex Machina.

Kendall Cornell and her troupe of all-women clowns use the ancient art of clowning to turn our current social assumptions on their heads. Unruly, riotous and heart-breaking clown-theatre.

Clowns Ex Machina is troupe of all women clowns making joyful, subversive theatre together.   Their fresh, madcap and wickedly funny shows are a pastiche of physical comedy, verbal wit, song, and dance.

La MaMa Kids


La MaMa Kids Online presents kids performances and hands-on workshops online, timed especially for “after school” viewing! La MaMa will continue to use emerging technologies to create a new venue for artistic expression that questions how art can function and how we as a society can survive challenging periods of history.

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