Jan 22, 2015
Feb 1, 2015


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By Mirage Theatre Company

Cedars is a passionate and raw play based on contemporary Native American poetry that weaves together dance, drums, rap, prose and texts by Susan Deer Cloud, Arthur Tulee, Tiffany Midge, Joseph Bruchac, Laura Tohe, Gail Tremblay, Deborah A. Miranda, Alex Jacobs, William Michael Paul, Martha Brice, Molly McGlennen and Evan Pritchard. Performed by Native American actors and directed by June Prager, Cedars gives a 21st century face to the struggles of indigenous people, depicting their adaptation into modern-day society and honoring Native American culture and enduring spirit.

“Exquisitely real… Cedars pokes fun at whites, and that is fun. Fun, funny, disarming, truthful, a little embarrassing, but never rancorous, though we know there is plenty of reason for rancor.”

– The Front Row Center

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