May 14, 2016
May 15, 2016

Cardell Dance Theater | Supper, people on the Move

“Supper, People on the Move is about mobility and decisions moving you: an action starts with a clear intention and it is carried away by a tide of impulses.”

-Silvana Cardell, Choreographer

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From choreographer Silvana Cardell, a new dance performance inspired by themes of migration, Supper, People on the Move explores the complex experience of dislocation. The dance is an examination of the human experience of all people on the move, looking for new horizons. Physical bodies moving between physical places define migration, and the immigrant journey is at the heart of humanity’s ability to survive. From this rich and fertile history Cardell creates evocative forms of movement—abstract, personal, universal—performed with unrelenting physicality and striking moments of beauty.

Come early before the performances to see Portraits of People on the Move, a photography installation, curated by artist Jennifer Baker, chronicles the stories of immigrants who came to the United States from all around the world.

Choreographer/Director Silvana Cardell

Music: Nick Zammuto
Performers and movement collaborators:
Bethany Formica,  William Robinson, Adrian Plascencia,
Maria Urrutia
, Zach Svoboda and Mackenzie Morris

Featuring Merián Soto’s performance
Artist and Exhibit Curator: Jennifer Baker

Lighting Designer and Technical Director: Conrad Bender
Photo Documentation: Carlos Avedano and  Bill Hebert
Project Manger: Pablo Meninato

University of the Arts interns:
Hayley Stricker (dance) and Therese Finocchiaro (Art)

Cardell Dance Theater is a professional ensemble that gathers artists to create innovative and provocative dance performances.

Silvana Cardell founded the company in 1994, in Buenos Aires having Sala Ana Itelman, performing space sponsored by Instituto Nacional del Teatro as its headquarters. The company presented wok in Argentina,Uruguay, Brasil and USA , performing in major dance Festivals sponsored by Red Latinoamericana de Productores de Danza, Fundacion Antorchas, Institutao Nacional del Teatro and Secretaria de Cultura de la Nacion, among others. Relocated in Philadelphia in 2009 renamed as Cardell Dance Theater, basing its home at Mt Vernon Dance Space, the company presented work at the H. Prince Theater, the

Annenberg Center of the performing Arts, Georgian Court University, Mt Vernon Dance Space, and most recently at Falls Bridge -Philly PARD and New Dance House, New Festival. Most recent performance Pew awarded performance project Supper, people on the move was presented at the Ice Box in the Crane Arts building and Independence Mall, Philadelphia.

Silvana Cardell is an award winning choreographer, dancer and educator. Currently she directs both Cardell Dance Theater and is the director of the dance program at Georgian Court University. Prior to joining GCU, she served on the faculty at the School of Dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Ms. Cardell holds a B.F.A. in Dance from University of the Arts and an M.F.A. in Choreography from Temple University, both in Philadelphia. Perform as a contemporary ballet dancer with Adriana Coll Dance Company (1983-1986) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cardell served as the director of Armar Danza Teatro (1992-1996) in Buenos Aires. For the next several years she directed S. Cardell Danza and EDA Escuela de Danza del Abasto, sponsored by Secretaria de Cultura de la Nacion. Cardell received the most prestigious choreography award in Latin America from Fundacion Antorchas. In addition to being a founding member of CoCoA-Datei, a nonprofit organization devoted to developing dance in Argentina, she also directed her own dance company and dance school. She and her husband, architect Pablo Meninato, created the Sala Ana Itelman, a performance space that showcased mainstream and avant-grade national and international artists, sponsored by Instituto Nacional del Teatro and Secretaria de Cultura de la Nacion. She later became a dancer, choreographer, and artistic co-director at Group Motion Dance Company (2005-2007) in Philadelphia. She began Cardell Dance Theater in 2002 in Philadelphia.

Ms. Cardell has been invited to teach at major dance and theater festivals throughout Latin America, and her choreography has been awarded, sponsored, and commissioned internationally by several organizations, including: The Pew Center for the Arts and Humanities, Antorchas Foundation, Instituto Nacional de Teatro, Secretaria de Cultura de la Ciudad, Red Latinoamericana de Productores de Danza y Teatro, Teatro Gral San Martin, Presidente Alvear, and Teatro de las Provincias. In the United States, her work has been presented by Group Motion, the American Dance College Festival, University of the Arts, Swarthmore College, Philadelphia Live Arts and Fringe Festival, The Wilma Theater, Harold Prince Theater at the Annenberg Center of the performing Arts, Georgian Court University, Mt Vernon Dance Space, Falls Bridge, New Festival’s Dance House, New Festival, and Christ Church Neighborhood House, The IceBOx at Crane Arts.

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