May 10, 2022
May 15, 2022

Beyond Borders Workshop: Boundaries of Freedom

Work session and artistic residency

International Project Beyond Borders

Directed by Instabili Vaganti

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The workshop sessions at La MaMa are cultural exchange and co-creation with residency of the International Project: Beyond Borders, under the direction of renowned Italian theatre company Instabili Vaganti.

During these hands-on sessions, participants will share an artistic reflection on the concept of “Border,” broadly understood (geographical, political, social, gender, interpersonal…), with the common aim of developing new strategies to overcome “borders” through processes of artistic creation on a global level.

The work will focus on theatre and performing arts as active tools of social intervention and, at the same time, as means of expression of the performer’s creative freedom. During the sessions, the participants will be invited to inhabit the “theatrical space” and explore its metaphysical/political dimension.

What you'll get from the work session as a participant

-Work on physical and vocal training

-Reflect on the perception of spatial dynamics and time-rhythm

-Connect physical action with multimedia and translate live action into video performance

-Learn how to use theatre and performing arts as a form of social and political activism

-Participate in an international project with artists and partners form all over the world

-Take part in a process of international co-creation and co-production

-Possibility to be selected for an international artistic residency in Italy at L'Arboreto Teatro Dimora (Rimini) and to take part in the final performance at Festival Teatro nel Bicchiere (Tuscany) from July 22 to August 8 with free accommodation and meals.

Beyond Borders is an international project of artistic sharing born during thefirst period of Lockdown, which includes moments of exchange and co creationboth live and on line, in order to keep active and alive the interculturaldialogue between international artists.

Instabili Vaganti was founded in 2004 by director,artist and performer Anna Dora Dorno and the playwright and performer NicolaPianzola, Instabili Vaganti. It is a multidisciplinary artistic duo-thatfocuses on an experimental on-going research in physical theatre andcontemporary performing arts. 

Workshop Leaders

Anna Dora Dorno
Multidisciplinary artist
,theatre and film director
Performer, Theatre pedagogue, 
Artistic director of PerformAzioni International Festival

Nicola Pianzola

/Playwright and Theatre pedagogue

With the support of the Italian Cultural Institute - New York

This project would not be possible without the partnership of ATER Fondazione - Modena.

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