Jul 14, 2021
Jul 15, 2021


La MaMa presents


Directed and Choreographed by Shauna Davis

a black arrow pointing downward

Using movement as a force, BLACK.ECO is a dance film that dives into the many worlds that exist within a Black woman. We open on a self-assured and poetic guide, whose sculptural hair is adorned in constellations. With her invitation, we dive into four ecosystems that reside within her, each with distinct movement, casting, color and sound worlds exploring four forms of Black joy. We return to our guide one final time to find her transformed. Touching on the divinity of the body, sisterhood, and being, BLACK.ECO invites us to experience Black fantasy as a shiny vehicle for transcendence.

Shauna Davis is an LA-based dancer and choreographer who has worked with Ryan Murphy, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, LA Chamber Orchestra, and Kanye West.

Shauna Davis - Director, Choreographer

Anna Bulbrook - Producer

Nathan Kim - Director of Photography

Chris Ryan Williams - Music & Sound Design

Nina McNeely- Editor

Dancers - Chani Bell, Chawnta' Marie Van, Emara Neymour-Jackson, David Freeland, Jr. , Damontae Hack & Derion Loman

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