Apr 17, 2015
Apr 25, 2017

Bird In The House

Written and Directed by Dane Terry
Featuring: Dane Terry, Tova Katz & Rose Emily Quinn.
Drums – John Hubbell
Bass – Sam Weber

a black arrow pointing downward

The 20th century. America.  
A boy’s bedroom ceiling is slowly falling on him…
Strange lights in the sky, missing dogs, living rooms full of static.  
The school is not safe.
A storm steals daylight from kitchens as it comes.
The future is thinning.  Meet only in secret places.  
Trust only Volton.

With Bird In The House, composer/performer Dane Terry paints scenes of childhood and adolescence in the off-colors of standard-issue American neuroses. Terry’s liquid country western piano sloshing all the while under his intoned yarns. Bird In The House features songs from his new album Color Movies, which will be released concurrently at www.daneterry.bandcamp.com

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PRESS for Dane Terry

“Dane Terry’s performance of his song “Kids” was a revealing moment that seemed to come to an end far too soon…”

– Will Pulos, NEXT

“The songs he plays are such a perfect blend of talent, technique and character that you stop thinking about how great of a player he is… These are honest songs, that show off only when the story within them calls for such an event.”

– Jeff Meyers jr. , spoonfeed.com

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