Feb 18, 2017

La MaMa Kids: The Adventures of Kid and Kaila Beat Box Workshop

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Hailing from NYC the ‘beat rhyming’ duo of Kid Lucky and Kaila Mullady combine beatboxing, rapping, spoken word, scatting, and vocal sound effects into an awesome display of vocal abilities that translates into amazing songs and a good time! They explore all realms of American music: from hip hop and electronic music (like trap and techno), to funk, jazz, rock, and soul. Their signature technique is a new vocal style called beat-rhyming: the combination of beatboxing and rhyme flow or ‘floetry.’

Kid Lucky, a guest curator of La MaMa’s Annual American Human Beatbox Festival, where has booked over 100 beatboxers from around the world. He is the creator of thebeatrhyming style, where one performer creates beats and sings leads simultaneously.
Kaila Mullady is a A top 8 ranked beatboxer and three-time, reigning Beatrhyme Champion. Kaila performs all over NYC and the country, combining beatboxing, singing, rapping, poetry and theater to push the boundaries of creativity and show just what the human instrument is capable of.

La MaMa Kids


La MaMa Kids Online presents kids performances and hands-on workshops online, timed especially for “after school” viewing! La MaMa will continue to use emerging technologies to create a new venue for artistic expression that questions how art can function and how we as a society can survive challenging periods of history.

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