Sep 23, 2016
Sep 25, 2016


a black arrow pointing downward

by Gan Jian | Co-presented with CultureHub

by Cao Yuxi (James) | Co-presented with CultureHub

AXIS + MACROCOSM by art collective AudioVisualVenue features two new works by Chinese artists Gan Jian and Cao Yuxi (James). AXIS + MACROCOSM is an immersive audiovisual installation/performance inspired by fractal patterns found in nature and the elemental forces of the universe. Using various coding and new media practices, these new works create multidimensional beauty and question our role within the vast and mysterious universe.

Opening Night Reception
Friday, September 23
8pm | FREE/Pay what you can

Saturday, September 24 & Sunday, September 25
1pm – 6pm | Free Admission

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