Oct 28, 2016
Oct 29, 2016

CultureHub: 2016 ArtCade Con

ArtCade Con
Hosted by This Near Future | Co-presented with CultureHub

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CultureHub’s arcade series returns! Curated by a collection of the best videogame tastemakers in New York City, ArtCade Con (now in its second year) upgrades the arcades of yesteryear by showcasing the latest in nontraditional and independent videogames. We’ll have guest panelists discuss current issues facing the video game industry and the future of public play.

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Participating Organizations
Sheep’s Meow, NYU Games Center, Games for Change, Itch.IO, Finji, Unwinnable

Night in the Woods*, Overland*, Mu Cartographer, Multibowl*, Drift Stage*, Alphabet*, Owlboy*, Islands*, Black Emperor*, Exposure*, Cobra Club, Stick Shift, Sacramento, Invisigun, Heroes*, Grampy Katz in: The Big Date!, Reigns, Beglitched, The Norwood Suite*, Morning, Makeup Madness, Epic Orphan*, 1979 Revolution, Block’hood*, Never Alone, WURM*, The Temple of No, Monarch Black*

Artcade Con Schedule

Friday, October 28
8pm | $15 Adults; $10 Students/Seniors; $5 Artists (limited)

Saturday, October 29
6pm | $15 Adults; $10 Students/Seniors; $5 Artists (limited)

logos for the Featured Games

Featured Games at ArtCade Con 2016

Drift Stage
A modern evolution of the classic arcade racer, bringing the gameplay up to date while keeping the late 80’s style intact.

The Temple of No
A fourth wall-breaking adventure about a woman, bloke, or frog journeying forth to find a map that sees all things.

Owl Boy *UNRELEASED and exclusively available at ArtCade 2016*
A journey with Otus as he struggles to live up to the expectations of owl-hood through monster infested ruins, unexpected encounters, and burdens no one should have to bear.

A squad-based survival strategy game set in post-apocalyptic North America.

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Special Event

Special Events

Friday, October 28th

Games Education at 8:30

What’s the Role of Game Journalism? at 9:30

Saturday, October 29th

Artist Talk – Robert Yang at 8:30PM
Buy This Thing: What’s it like to Release a Game at  9:30PM