May 16, 2024
May 19, 2024

Anabella Lenzu: Listen to Your Mother

Anabella Lenzu

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What makes a good mother? What makes a good artist? 

"Listen to Your Mother" is a choreographic research project dedicated to the lives of women-identifying artists who are immigrant mothers living in New York City.

"Listen to Your Mother" seeks to capture these underrepresented women's stories to inspire dialogue, appreciation, and social support instead of the ongoing prejudice endured that is historically placed against mothers and women in the arts. 

Using my ongoing movement research and embodied practice exploring spoken word, movement, and media, this work will expose and capture the body histories of mothers who are immigrant artists grappling with the cultural differences of living in New York City. 

Director & Choreographer: Anabella Lenzu
Technology Advisor/ Video Art Design & Sound Landscape: Todd Carroll
Text & Drawings: Anabella Lenzu & Jerzy Grotowski

Drawings: Anabella Lenzu
Performers: Anabella Lenzu & Fiamma Lenzu-Carroll
Additional Choreography: Isadora Duncan “Le Mere” (1921)
Music: Alexander Scriabin
Coach/ Reposition Isadora Duncan Repertory: Catherine Gallante

Originally from Argentina, Anabella Lenzu is an award-winning, choreographer, scholar & educator. Lenzu directs her own company, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, which since 2006 has presented 400 performances, created 15 choreographic works, and performed at 100 venues, presenting thought-provoking and historically conscious dance-theater in NYC. As a choreographer, she has been commissioned all over the world for opera, TV programs, theatre productions, and by many dance companies. She has produced and directed several award-winning short dance films and screened her work in over 200 festivals both nationally and internationally.
Lenzu has written for various dance and arts magazines and published her firstbook in 2013, entitled Unveiling Motion and Emotion

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