Dec 17, 2018

Pedestrian: Trinity/La MaMa Showcase 2018

Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program

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This showcase features original work by the students of the Trinity/La MaMa performing arts program, developed throughout the Fall semester. These works-in-process are an opportunity to experiment with the wide range of approaches to the creative process in the performing arts that students encounter in classes and workshops throughout their three months in New York City.


The program was founded in 1986 by La MaMa artists and Trinity College theater/dance faculty as a semester long immersion into the NYC performing arts scene.

Students take classes and workshops which expose them to a wide range of performance practice from acting and dance to puppetry, site-specific theater, viewpoints, moment work, playwrighting, directing, and media-based performance. Additionally each student works at an internship in an arts organization, gaining experience in arts administration and forming integral networks for the future. Students also attend between 45 and 50 shows, allowing them to understand and embrace the wide variety of contemporary performance. Throughout the semester, students create original pieces, with a final performance presented at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Trinity/La MaMa Class of Fall '18:

Mitsuki Fujio, Grinnell College ‘19

Casey Hearl, Trinity College ‘20

Kristina Kurker, Trinity College ‘20

Hayden Mueller, Trinity College ‘19

Megan Rivkin, Tufts University ‘20

Aysha Salam, Trinity College ‘18

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