Remembering Peter Brook

Ellen Stewart, a Black woman, and Peter Brook, an older white man, smiling and standing together in the lobby of a theater. Ellen is holding a program.
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Peter Brook, the renowned award-winning British director whose non-traditional approaches to classic work reinvented theatre, passed away at the age of 97. For his innovative work, he has won Tony and Emmy awards, as well as a Special Citation from the New York Drama Critics Circle Awards for Le Centre International de Créations Théâtricales at La MaMa, which included performances of Ubu Roi, L’os, The Ik, and The Conference of the Birds in 1980. These works, performed in both French and English, also traveled through the Middle East and Africa.

Throughout his career, Peter Brook’s influence has had a profound impact on artists and audiences across the globe. His contributions to art at La MaMa and his love for Ellen Stewart will never be forgotten.

Image 1: Photo by Jean-Guy Lecat of The Ik directed by Peter Brook, featuring Bruce Myers, Natasha Parry, Andreas Katsulas, Malik Bowers, and Miriam Goldschmidt
Image 2: Photo by David Simmonds of The Conference of the Birds directed by Peter Brook, Bob Lloyd on the left and Jean-Claude Perrin on the right
Image 3: Photo by Nicolas Treatt of The Ik, Michele Gollison on the left and Miriam Goldschmidt on the right
Image 4: Photo by Jean-Guy Lecat of The Ik, featuring Andreas Katsulas, Malik Bowers, Natasha Parry, and Bruce Myers