Remake a World

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How would YOU #RemakeAWorld?

In this moment there is an urgent need to consider the many ways we can remake a world. We must come together, connect, and create a movement that unifies and propels all of us forward toward a more just world.

Please share your ideas through a quick video, an image, text, a sample of your work or all of the above to share with La MaMa's worldwide community on social media and/or our website.

You may submit your response HERE

Here are some of the responses that the members of our community have sent us:


From Tamar Rogoff;

"Our bodies and our earth are part and parcel of each other. And both have the ability to heal and change. The healing is innate, but we often, with our ignorance or our greed, disrupt that natural process. Consciousness is key. Artists can influence our consciousness by imagining a future that does not yet exist. At La MaMa we artists are encouraged to do just that."


From Lenerson Polonini, Companhia Nova de Teatro, August 2023;

""How would you remake a world?" This is a very difficult question but it's not impossible to respond because we are artists and we are the power to create a new World with our creative thoughts and works.
We are a register of our time and we have the duty to reimagined the theatre to the others perspectives. So, I think it’s very important looking to the past to understand this wave of authoritarianism around the World.
“A Scream in the Dark”a project by Companhia Nova de Teatro that investigates some aspects of military dictatorship and censorship in Brazil (1964-1985) – one of the most obscure periods from the recent history of the country, that we'll perform atLa MaMa in March 2023, is our response to this questions.
In this moment when authoritarianism arises in the world and threatens democracy and freedom of speech, it’s essential that the Arts bring critical and poetical thoughts on the events of our time and warn on how corrosive the populist totalitarian regimes are.
The theater pós covidwill reborn to connect with the audience bringing a critical view about important themes to the humanity and could be a breath in this hard times.
Art is a key to remake a world!"


From Actor John-Andrew Morrison, La MaMa Alumnus and Tony Nominee, A Strange Loop


A Text Message From Robert Patrick;

Most people are right- or left-handed.
Most people are right- or left-minded
But for "right" or "left" to be "right" or "wrong" branded
Is like being right- or left-blinded.
People pretend to live up to
The rules (right or left) of their preference,
But the opposite urge they eventually give up to.
Priests end up promiscuous, for reference,
And pot- poets wind up billionaire producers.
Speaking of billionares, that one that followed his dream of Mars-reaching
Got lots of Fed loot to do it, which is sociaism to you, sirs.
Who's got my I Ching?