Leah Ogawa Residency at KinoSaito

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La MaMa is pleased to partner with KinoSaito Art Center for Leah Ogawa’s summer 2023 residency. At KinoSaito, Leah is developing DIVINE GENERATIONS vol. 02, a new work investigating spaces of in-between and contradiction where the object lives within the duality of discrepancy, further questioning the real truth. This body of work is a continuation of Ogawa’s Divine Generation series, drawing inspiration from a legendary two-thousand-year-old cherry tree Jindai Zakura ( 神代桜 ), translated as “Divine Generations,” and Dakotsu Iida (1885-1962), a well-regarded haiku poet, both of which existed on the same land of Yamanashi, Japan. Combining nature and literature, this piece addresses the sedimentary nature of time and how movements in objects witness our human memories through strings. Vol 02, which will begin at her KinoSaito residency, builds on previous works and will examine specific movements, mechanisms, and sounds.

Leah will also create a puppet-making workshop for LA MAMA KIDS to be held twice over the residency period. Working with everyday household objects, participants will create paper and string puppets inspired by creatures of flight.  Through the collaborative crafting process, students will bring to life creatures from inanimate objects, thereby sharing in the wonder that is puppet making.  After creating their puppets, the participants will bring their works in conversation with Leah’s installation piece.  By interacting with their own puppets as well as Leah’s work, they will see the parallels and possibilities between their creations and larger works, encouraging them to imagine what else is possible with strings and creativity.  John Tsung, Leah’s collaborator, will create music to accompany the workshop. La MaMa will do outreach around these events to cultivate relationships with schools and youth and family organizations in Westchester County, the Bronx, Putnam County, and Rockland County.

Leah Ogawa's residency and La MaMa's partnership with KinoSaito, are made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.