Nov 7, 2020

La Mama Love Global Gala

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Saturday, Nov. 7th, 2020

11:00 am, EST/USA


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Time: 11:00 am EST, Saturday, November 7, 2020
Place: Your Home
Attire: Festive/Comfortable/Pants Optional

The 2020 La MaMa Love Global Gala brings artists together from around the world to celebrate the spirit and community that have fueled our work for the past 58 years. This year’s virtual gala marks the first time that our global community will be able to join from wherever they are on November 7, Ellen Stewart’s birthday.

Love is what La MaMa was founded on: love for creativity, love for humanity, and love for the earth. ­Together, we will activate the intersectional, cross-cultural love that La MaMa’s global community shares through art and imagine a world that is more open and loving. Our 2020 Gala honors all of YOU who keep the love going.

Honorary Chairs: Amy Sedaris and Philip Glass

honored guest: Abigail E. Disney, Filmmaker and Activist

hosted by Bill Pullman and Tamara Hurwitz Pullman

Playwrights in Nairobi will be with audience members in Krakow Actors in Seoul will join with theatre-lovers in Sao Paolo in our virtual space to celebrate our global history of revolution and social change. Love is what La MaMa was founded on: love for creativity, love for humanity, and love for the earth. ­

Together, we will activate the intersectional, cross-cultural love that La MaMa’s global community shares through art, and imagine a world that is more open and loving.

Performances by Philip Glass, Bobbi Jene Smith, Joshua William Gelb + Katie Rose McLaughlin, Don Aroji and more!

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Frank Carucci, President
Joan Rose, Vice President
Donald Capoccia, Treasurer
Richard Pinner, Secretary
Byung Koo Ahn
Eugene Chai

Jane Friedman
Mary Fulham
Timothy W. Fulham
Jeff Haley
Matthew Hall
Jill Hanekamp

Steven B. Malkenson
Wynn J. Salisch
Luis A. Ubiñas
Scott Wittman
Mia Yoo
Joel Zwick


Lenerson Polonini (Brazil)
Marisa Buffone (Canada)
Annette Mikkelsen (Denmark)
Sofia Tsekoura (Greece)
M.A. Whiteside and Arno Geels (Holland, NL)
Saskia Mees and Aus Greidanus (Holland, NL)
Poorna Swami (India)
John Scott (Ireland)
Dario D'Ambrosi (Italy)
Filippo De Capitani (Italy)

Adriana Garbagnati (Italy)
Valeria Orani (Italy)
Mitsunari Sakamoto (Japan)
Mitsuko Hisao (Japan)
Makoto Inoue (Japan)
Tatsumi Hatano (Japan)
Don Aroji (Kenya)
Sung Yeon Park (Korea)
Tajung Shin (Korea)
Antonio Cerezo (Mexico)

Tareke Ortiz (Mexico)
Sam Trubridge (New Zealand)
Potri Ranka Manis/Kinding Sindaw (Philippines)
Tomek Smolarski (Poland)
Ana Konstantinović (Serbia)
Željko Maksimović (Serbia)
Selçuk Gürışık (Turkey)
Peter Case (United Kingdom)
Kim Ima (United States)


Marina Arsenijevic and Donald Bronn
Winsome Brown and Claude Arpels, Jr.
Jane Comfort
John Fulham
Margaret Fulham

Robert Goldberg/Yorke Construction Corporation
Cheryl Henson
Margaret Parker
Michael Pressel/RPO Inc.
Mary Parker and Damon Smith

Estelle Parsons and Peter Zimroth
Irene Ramp
Gus Solomons Jr.
Arlene Sorkin
Brenda Walker and Peter Swords


Murielle Borst-Tarrant (Kuna / Rappahannock Nations)
Yoshiko Chuma
Rebekah Crisanta de Yberra
Shauna Davis
Jerome Ellis
Charlotte Lily Gaspard

Joshua William Gelb
John Maria Gutierrez
Justin Hicks
Paul Lazar
Tom Lee
Loco7 Dance Puppet Theatre

Katie Rose McLaughlin
Leah Ogawa
Tarish Pipkins (Jeghetto)
Stacey Karen Robinson
Bobbi Jene Smith
Split Britches
Timothy White Eagle


Abigail E. Disney

portrait of Abigail E. Disney

Abigail E. Disney advocates for real changes to the way capitalism operates in today's world. She has worked for thirty years with programs for low-income families, women's rights, and global poverty. She is an Emmy-Winning Documentary Filmmaker and co-founder of Fork Films, a nonfiction media production company, which produces the weekly podcast “All Ears,” where host Abigail Disney interviews bold, solutions-oriented thinkers from the front lines of America’s urgent inequality and race crises. She is also the Chair and Co-Founder of Level Forward, a new breed storytelling company focused on systemic change through creative excellence, balancing financial and social returns. She also created the nonprofit Peace is Loud, which uses storytelling to advance social movements and the Daphne Foundation, which supports organizations working for a more equitable, fair and peaceful New York City.

Philip Glass:

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Philip Glass is a graduate of the University of Chicago and the Juilliard School. In the early 1960s, Glass spent two years of intensive study in Paris with Nadia Boulanger and, while there, earned money by transcribing Ravi Shankar’s Indian music into Western notation. By 1974, Glass had a number of innovative projects creating a large collection of new music for The Philip Glass Ensemble and for the Mabou Mines Theater Company. This period culminated in Music in Twelve Parts and the landmark opera Einstein on the Beach, for which he collaborated with Robert Wilson. Since Einstein, Glass has expanded his repertoire to include music for opera, dance, theater, chamber ensemble, orchestra and film. His scores have received Academy Award nominations (Kundun, The Hours, Notes on a Scandal) and a Golden Globe (The Truman Show). In the past few years several new works were unveiled including an opera on the death of Walt Disney, The Perfect American (co-commissioned by Teatro Real, Madrid and the English National Opera), a new touring production of Einstein, the publication of Glass’s memoir, Words Without Music, by Liveright Books, and the premiere of the revised version of Glass’ opera Appomattox, in collaboration with librettist Christopher Hampton, by the Washington National Opera in November 2015.

Glass celebrated his 80th birthday on January 31, 2017 with the world premiere of Symphony No. 11 at Carnegie Hall. His 80th birthday season featured programming around the globe, including the U.S. premieres of operas The Trial and The Perfect American, and world premieres of several new works, including Piano Concerto No. 3 and String Quartet No. 8. In 2015, Glass received the U.S. National Medal of Arts and the 11th Glenn Gould Prize. He was honored with the Richard and Barbara Debs Composer’s Chair from Carnegie Hall for the 2017-2018 season. Glass received the 41st Kennedy Center Honors in December 2018. In January 2019 the Los Angeles Philharmonic presented the world premiere of Glass’ Symphony No. 12, based on David Bowie’s album Lodger and a completion of three symphonies based on Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy. Glass continues to perform solo piano and chamber music evenings with world renowned musicians, and regularly appears with the Philip Glass Ensemble.

Amy Sedaris:

Amy Sedaris is an American actress, author, screenwriter and comedian. She is known for playing Jerri Blank in the hit Comedy Central series Strangers with Candy, and voicing Princess Carolyn on the Netflix animated series BoJack Horseman. Her Emmy-nominated show At Home with Amy Sedaris is in its third season on truTV. Sedaris has written a number of books, including I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, Wigfield and Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. She has also co-authored a number of plays with her brother David Sedaris under the name “The Talent Family.” Shows by The Talent Family include Stump the Host, Stitches, The Little Frieda Mysteries, and One Woman Shoe, all of which premiered at La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club in the 1990s. Sedaris has also appeared in shows such as Monk, Sex in the City, Just Shoot Me!, and My Name Is Earl. Her film work includes Elf, School of Rock, Maid in Manhattan, and Shrek the Third.

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