Oct 28, 2021

La MaMa Archive Receives Award for Innovative Use of Archives

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The A.R.T. Awards Committee is pleased to announce this year's Annual Awards recipients. The awards celebrate distinguished work and lasting achievements in our profession. Awardees are A.R.T. members, archivists, and institutions operating within the New York metropolitan area.

The award for Innovative Use of Archives recognizes an individual or organization for use of archival material in a meaningful and creative way, making a significant contribution to a community or body of people, and demonstrating the relevance of archival materials to its subject.

La MaMa Archive has a long standing history of educational programming for high school, college and graduate students, providing access to 60 years of innovative theatre history in the form of props, masks, costumes, sets, photographs, performance footage, and more. During the shutdown precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Archive opened its doors virtually with live, interactive tours, and the La MaMa Archives Digital Collections.