Dec 5, 2014
Dec 7, 2014

The Seagull

Written by Anton Pavlovich Chekov
Directed by Tomi Janežič

By Serbian National Theatre (Novi Sad, Serbia)

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Most awarded international theatre phenomenon of the Serbian National Theatre

One of the most successful performances in the recent Serbian National Theatre history, Chekhov’s Seagull directed by Slovenian director Tomi Janežič, has been described by national and international critic as a theatre phenomenon. The seven hour performance has received an outstanding reception both by theatre critics and audiences.

The roots of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad reach back to 1861. In 1868 director and actors of the Serbian National Theatre were invited to found National Theatre in Belgrade. In 1946 was founded Opera of the Serbian National Theatre. In 1950 was founded Ballet of the Serbian National Theatre. In 1956 SNT was initiator and one of the founders of the biggest theatre festival in the country, Sterijino pozorje. On the 28th March 1981 the theatre moved to the new building and that day was established as the SNT Day.

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