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film still by Amelia Golden
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Deepali Gupta is a performance artist, theater practitioner, and songwriter. Their work circulates ideas surrounding madness and divinity as they relate to the colonized and feminized body. She is the daughter of Kashmiri and Bengali immigrants, and writes in (dis)order to upheave and unravel both lived and inherited traumas. Deepali is a neuroqueer person concerned with Mad studies and disability rhetoric. Their art is made in an effort to enact transformational justice and reach abolitionist futures.

Their work has been presented by The Public Theater, Lincoln Center Theater, Ars Nova, The Bushwick Starr, Target Margin Theater, and The Poetry Project. She has collaborated with theater and media companies such as Piehole, New Saloon, and Tender Claws on acclaimed and award-winning projects; including Ski End, Minor Character, and The Under Presents. She is an Affiliated Artist with The Civilians and Target Margin Theater, a member of the New Georges Jam, and a member of The Poetry Project's Board of Directors.

Recent work includes perverse reverie forever (YouTube) and the poet says (SoundCloud). Current projects include I Love You Stranger (diagnosing the mirror), in development with Ars Nova; and United States v. Gupta (in collaboration with Caitlin Sullivan and Lucy Jackson), commissioned by JACK and in development with support from the Brooklyn Arts Council, New York State Council on the Arts, and the NYC Women's Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre.

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