Nov 14, 2019
Dec 1, 2019

Virgo Star

World Premiere
By Pioneers Go East Collective

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Virgo Star explores and explodes the myth of the American Cowboy.  An underground, kinetic ride through the Cowboy myths performed from a queer perspective, this dance-theatre work fuses personal storytelling and movement to re-create scenes from Western Movies. A live cinematic experience and a satirical take on Classic Western Movies, Virgo Star combines personal stories with dark comedy to reflect on mainstream “Cowboy” iconography from a queer perspective. The performance examines same-sex intimacy, self-awareness, and fear of being marginalized in a fictional West. With Virgo Star, the collective looks with humor at how chauvinism and bravado transmit into gay subculture.

Inspired by Western classic films (i.e. “Red River” with Montgomery Clift), the performance features Daniel Diaz as a cowboy enamored with another cowboy in an imaginary ranch out in what was formerly “Spanish Texas”.  The performance combines recollections and tales of love by Pioneers Go East Collective’s performers on the same range. Honest, open-hearted – the performance celebrates the queer experience to capture funny yet moving episodes told by the artists, exploring love and self-identity, juxtaposed to Cowboy and Cowgirl iconography.

Daniel Diaz, Anabella Lenzu, Alessandro Magania, Bree Breeden
and Artist & Activist Agosto Machado
with special guest Chris Riffle

Written and Directed by Gian Marco Riccardo Lo Forte
Choreography by Beth Graczyk
Production Design by Philip Treviño
Cinematography by Jon Burklund
Video Design by Hao Bai
Sound Design by Gavin Price
Stage Management and Assistant Sound Design by Dmitri Barcomi


Pioneers Go East Collective is an award-winning collective of multigenerational artists and activists in residence at La MaMa and Judson Church. The collective centers the voices of LGBTQ and Feminist artists and members of our community in New York City and beyond. Since 2010, the collective of artmakers, educators and social practitioners has been in-residence at arts and cultural centers throughout New York City. Presenting original works by a collective of multigenerational artists, our creative and social platforms of inclusion bring to the forefront the vulnerabilities still faced by our community.

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“Queer up the Western at Virgo Star, which “explores and explodes” the myth of American cowboys and cowgirls. Created and performed by Pioneers Go East Collective, a collective of LGBTQ and feminist artists, the work of dance theater fuses storytelling, movement, and video, recreating classic Western tropes from a queer and satirical perspective. The play runs through December 1st; next Monday’s performance will be followed by a discussion with the cast and crew.” – Oriana Leckert, Gothamist

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Queer Wild West Comes To La MaMa In Pioneers Go East’s VIRGO STAR

“VIRGO STAR explores and explodes the myth of the American Cowboy”

“cryptic, edgy and well-executed entertainment for devotees of non-traditional theater”

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moments of humor, heartbreak, savagery, titillation, and unrestrained eroticism”

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Photo Flash: Pioneers Go East’s VIRGO STAR At La MaMa

“Pioneers Go East Collective harnesses a very successful experience that’s equal parts wondrous and strange. A strong gesture about collective queer yearning on a deeply microcosmic, personal level.”
– Culturebot

“Poignancy enhanced by spirited, if easy-going, presentation.”
– Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

“Knocks down the walls between expressive genres and amalgamating music, video, and acting into an adrenalizing, dramatic experience.”
– Backstage

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