Jun 21, 2024
Jun 30, 2024

Relics and Their Humans

By Ain Gordon & Josh Quillen
Directed by Ain Gordon
A Pick Up Performance Co. Production

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Ain Gordon and Josh Quillen performatively reimagine the 3-year odyssey following Josh’s dad Jerry’s 2006 ALS diagnosis. Three “relics” undergird this work. First, in 2019, Ain & Josh visited Quillen’s mom, Sue, recording an interview from her perspective as caretaker during her husband’s illness. That transcript serves as foundational text with Ain voicing Sue and Josh voicing himself. Second, Sue offered up Jerry’s journal chronicling the arc of his disease in headlines. Third, Jerry made a 17-track playlist (sorry but you must see the work to learn why), morphed by Josh and Ain into 17 sonic episodes. Together, these elements are framed by Ain’s recall of his first visit with Sue over dinner in Josh’s childhood home—and the surprising extra person seated at that dining room table.

Photo by Darrell Hoemann

Ain Gordon is a three-time Obie Award-winning writer/director/actor, two-time NYFA recipient, Guggenheim Fellow in Playwriting, and a 2023 Creative Capital Awardee. Josh Quillen, a member of Sō Percussion since 2006, has forged a unique identity in the contemporary music world as all-around percussionist, expert steel drum performer, and composer.

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