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Play List 2009
Date Title Production Information
January 2 Vocal Migrations Tareke Ortiz
With contemporary instrumental-choral music performed live and ancestral indigenous Totonaca Dances.
January 8 Yanagai! Yanagai! Written by Andrea James (Yorta Yorta)
Directed by Harold Dean James & Karen Oughtred
The Australian Aboriginal Theatre Initiative
January 15 Robert Ashley Three Operas Written and directed by Robert Ashley
With Interpretations 20
January 22 Room for Cream Season One: The Box Set! The Dyke Division of Theatre of the Two-Headed Calf
Directed by Brooke O'Harra
Episodes written by Jess Barbagallo, Laryssa Husiak, Brooke O'Harra, Brendan Connelly and Laura Berlin Stinger
January 29 Hamlet Directed & Choreographed by Kenji Kawarasaki
Company EAST from Japan
January 29 The Love Project Featuring Rhodessa Jones & Idris Ackamoor
Written by Pearl Cleage & Zaron Burnett
Directed by Harriet Schiffer Scott
February 3 Cotton Club Benefit A benefit to La MaMa celebrating Black History Month
February 9 The Chen Dance Center Inauguration at La MaMa Art Complex The inauguration of The Chen Dance Center at The La MaMa Art Complex, 6-10 E. First Street
February 12 Shadow A festival of concert playreading celebrating Black History Month
Curated and directed by George Ferencz
February 13 Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be La MaMa E.T.C. presents in association with the Dyke Division of Two-Headed Calf. Co-programmed by Brooke O'Harra and Sharon hayes.
February 13 The Book of Lambert Written by Leslie Lee
Directed by Cyndy A. Marion
February 18 Italy Retreat Reading Features playwrights who participated in La MaMa's second annual International Playwrighting Retreat
February 20 Coming, Aphrodite! Watson Arts Project
Written and directed by Mary Fulham
February 20 Human Jukebox Joseph Keckler
Directed by Elizabeth Gimbel
February 23 The Priest and the Clown Written by Sandro Gindro
Addapted & directed by Daniela Morelli
in association with the Italian Cultural Institute
March 6 Shekinah Written by Charles Case
Directed by Peter Case
March 12 Baghdadi Bath Written by Jawad al-Assadi
Designed & directed by Zishan Ugurlu
March 13 Tonight: Lola Blau Musical from Georg Kreisler
English version by Don White
Directed by Dick Top
March 20 Haggadah Directed by Dan Safer
Witness Relocation
March 27 Er Toshtuk Created by Virlana Tkacz of Yara Arts and Kenzhegul Satybaldieva
with Kyrgyz artists and Yara Arts Group
March 27 Wilt Chamberlain's Kids Starring Craig Blair, Maggie Champagne, Leslie Meisel and Freddy Sheffield
April 2 Hear Me With The Eyes Created by Maria Elena Anaya and Jorge Chanona from Mexico
April 3 The Full Lucy Moon Show Co-hosted by The Factress (Lucy Sexton) and Alien Comic (Tom Murrin)
April 10 The Magic Show: The Story of The Barefoot Princess One Act Solo by Abigail Nessen Bengson
live music by "one man (hus)band" Shaun McClain Bengson
Directed by David Eppel
April 16 Fools Mass Theatre Group Dzieci
April 23 The System Written, directed and scenography by Nic Ularu
April 24 White Elephant Written and Directed by Lake Simons & John Dyer
April 29 1967: Grotowski in New York, The First Encounter A discussion with participants in Grotowski's first American workshop which took place at NYU in the autumn of 1967.
May 3 A Celebration of Tom O'Horgan A celebration of Tom O'Horgan on Tom's birthday. Hosted by Nicky Paraiso, with special performances by friends & family.
May 5 La MaMa Moves! Dance Festival Curated by Nicky Paraiso & Mia Yoo
May 8 Beneath the Wave Beneath the Waves by The Pan-Art Collective with Panonian Wave!
May 28 Asclepius Conceived, written, and directed by Ellen Stewart
with additional music by Michael Sirotta, Yukio Tsuji, and Heather Paauwe
May 29 Blue Day Written and directed by Alessandro Corazzi from Italy
June 17 The Poet and The Lamberjack Written and directed by Mike Gorman
June 18 Luzimbu An opera from the heart of Africa, directed by acclaimed dancer  Prisca Ouya
  48th Season  
September 17 Days and Nights Directed by Byongkoo Ahn
"The Doctor, A Chamber Opera," Composed by Martin Herman with a libretto by T. F. Curley
"A Joke, A Musical," Composed by Young Hoon Lee
September 18 Pitch Directed by Benjamine Mosse of East Coast Artists
Poems by Gracie Leavitt
September 18 Poetry Electric Festival William Electric Black celebrates the La MaMa Spoken Word series POETRY ELECTRIC with a look back at highlights of the seven year history of the series, as well as, a kaleidoscope of new and exciting artists.
October 8 The Traveling Players Present The Women of Troy Directed and designed by Theodora Skipitares
Original music by Sxip Shirey
October 9 Radnevsky's Real Magic Written & directed by Paul Zimet
Starring Peter Samelson as Anton Radnevsky and
Dennis Kyriakos as Harry Telkhine
Talking Band
October 9 Clown Axioms Created and Directed by Kendall Cornell
In collaboration with the ensemble, Clowns Ex Machina
October 23 Troop Troupe Anonymous Ensemble
October 29 A Quarreling Pair Aphids Theater from Australia
Inspired by the play "A Quarreling Pair" by Jane Bowles
November 5 The Crisp H. T. Chen and Dancers
Choreography: H.T. Chen
Music: Fitz Patton
Lighting: Stephen Petrilli
November 1 Celebrating Ellen A gala performance to celebrate La MaMa's 48th Season and Ellen's 90th Birthday
November 12 Agamemnon Aeschylus' Agamemnon
Translated and directed by Alexander Harrington
Eleventh Hour Theatre Company
Composed by Michael Sirotta
November 12 Twelfth Night Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
Adapted and directed by Vít Horejš
November 13 She Turned on the Light Written and directed by Wendy Woodson
Performed by Marina Libel
December 3 Diagnosis of a Faun Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects
December 3 Romeo & Juliet Directed by Dario D'Ambrosi
Theatro Patologico
December 4 Oh, Those Beautiful Weimar Girls The New Stage Theatre Company
Conceived and directed by Ildiko Nemeth
December 9 Cabaret Central: Political Snort Created by Elizabeth Swados, Tisch School of the Arts/NYU
December 16 Typhoon & Earthquake A Benefit Night to fundraise for victims of Philippines typhoon "ondoy" and Indonesia's West Sumatra earthquake.
Hosted by Kindin Sindaw
December 18 Something to Say Raw Anthony Rodriguez
December 20 Christmas in Nickyland La MaMa's annual Christmas show in the Club, curated by Nicky Paraiso!
December 30 The Devil You Know Ping Chong and Company & Phantom Limb
Written and directed by Ping Chong
Composed by Erik Sanko