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Play List 2007
Date Title Production Information
January 4 Medea Company East from Japan
Directed by Kenji Kawarasaki
January 4 Party Time Written and directed by Paul Zimet
Music composed by Peter Gordon
Video by Kit Fitzgerald
January 6 Shenanigans is Back Geoffrey Decas, Julia Henderson, Boo Killebrew, Ryan Purcell, Jordan Seavey, Noah Starr, Phillip Taratula, and TJ Witham.
January 8 Little Big Band Peter Gordon & Love of Life Orchestra
January 10 A Page Out of Order Band A Page Out of Order Band
January 12 Sylvia So Far Written and directed by Timothy Mathis
January 17 Concrete Written by Robert Ashley
In Association with the World Music Institute's "Interpretations" Series
January 25 The Burial at Thebes Based on Sophocles’ Antigone by Seaumus Heaney
Original Music by Carman Moore
Original Choreography by Claire Pavlich
Directed by Alexander Harrington
January 25 Once There Was A Village Written and directed by Vit Horejs
Music by Frank London & The Hungry March Band
Set design by Tom Lee
January 26 The Be(a)st of Taylor Mac Written and performed by Taylor Mac
Directed by David Drake
January 29 Metropolitan Klezmer Metropolitan Klezmer
February 1 Split Ends Written and performed by Venus Opal Reese
Directed by Liesl Tommy
February 5 The Wild Women Don't Have the Blues performed by Maxine Brown, Beverly Crosby & Ella Garrett
Music direction by Toya
February 15 Palenque Oyu Oro : afro-cuban folklore experimental dance ensemble
February 15 La Vie Noir Written by Jim Neu
Directed by Keith McDermott
Music by Neal Kirkwood and Harry Mann
February 16 Food for Thought Conceived and directed by Kim Ima & Onni Johnson
Fabruary 25 Neal Kirkwood Octet The Neal Kirkwood Octet
March 1 Blood on the Cat's neck The New School University
March 2 Presenting Gilda Lilly Written by David Leddick & Andrew Sargent
March 8 Republic of Dreams Conceived and directed by Stacy Klein
Co-created by Carlos Uriona & Matthew Glassman
March 8 Janyl Created by Yara Arts Group
directed by Virlana Tkacz,
design by Watoku Ueno
movement by Shigeko Sara Suga
March 16 Tarantella ArtWorld Production.
Written & Directed by Marisa Buffone
March 22 The Exiles Adapted, directed and designed by Theodora Skipitares
Lighting by Pad Dignan
Puppet by Cecilia Schiller and Theodora Skipitares
March 29 Kerez (Testament) Created by Sakhna Nurlan
Sakhna Theatre from Kyrgyzstan
March 30 Dancing with Bishop Performed by Saskia Hegt
Poems by Elizabeth Bishop
April 2 Lapdog A New Play by Adam Weiner
with Adam Carpenter, Zach Steel, and Adam Weiner
April 5 Waxing West Written by Saviana Stanescu
Directed by Benjamin Mosse
East Coast Artists
April 12 Trophy Wife Written and directed by Mary Fulham
(based on a Chekov short story, "Anna on the Neck")
Composed by TERRY WALDO
Choreography by HEIDI LATSKY
April 13 Mumbo Jumbo Richard Cohen
April 20 Go Ahead...Laugh Written and performed by My Sweet Ass
Directed by Anthony Guerino
April 21 & 22 Shenanigans Comedy Collective Shenanigans Comedy Collective hosts
Whispering Pines Junior College
Senior Year Show Case of Talent!
April 26 La MaMa Moves Curated by Nicky Paraiso & Mia Yoo
May 11 TeatroStageFest Aiguardent by Catalan dancer Marta Carrasco
La Omision de la Familia Coleman by Teatro Timbre 4
written & directed by Claudio Tolcachir
May 17 Antigone Written by: Jose Watanabe
Directed by: Gisela Cardenas
Stage reading of Antigone by Zishan Ugurlu
May 19 Johnny Be Good Tribute to Johnny Madera
May 17 Clytemnestra's Tears Persona Theatre Company from Greece
Written & Directed by Avra Sidiropoulou
Performed by Themis Bazaka
May 22 New Indigenous Voices 2007
The Australian Aboriginal Theatre Initiative
conceived by Liza-Mare Syron
featuring Sonny-Dallas Law (Wakka Wakka)
directed by Kaipo Schwab (Native Hawaiian)
May 24 Romeo & Juliet The Great Jones Repertory Company
Adapted and Lyrics by Ellen Stewart
Directed by Ellen Stewart
Music by Ellen Stewart, Genji Ito & Michael Sirotta
Musical Direction by Michael Sirotta.
June 1 All Her Faces Written and directed by Anthony Inneo
In association with SCRIPTS UP! Inc.
June 4 Origin Performed by Sara Galassini, Yukio Tsuji, Lars Preece, Chris Zaborowski with Juan Carlos Betancourt and Lorenzo Gomez
June 5 Baby Janes Baby Janes
June 7 Golondrina Written and directed by Aminta de Lara
From Venezuela
June 12 U-Hauls, Bridesmaids & Backwards Mountain 1st National Asian American Theater Festival
Performed by Regie Cabico & Aileen Cho
June 14 Korean Badass 1st National Asian American Theater Festival
Asian American Theater Company from San Francisco, CA
Written and performed by Stevie Lee Saxon, directed by Jeannie Barroga
June 15 The Edge of the World 1st National Asian American Theater Festival
The Asian Arts Initiatives from Philadelphia, PA
June 21 Something to Crow About Written by Alejandro Roces
Directed by Cecile Guidote Alvarez
June 25 Scottish Music Night 2007 Clann an Uabhair G.L.S.A.
    46th Season
Sept 20 Delta by Pro Rodopi Art Center and Satores & Arepo Group.
Written and directed by Petar Todorov from Bulgaria
Sept 21 A Global Dionysus in Napoli by Giuliana Ciancio, Nicola Ciancio, Paolo Favero
OPS associsation, Italy
Sept 24 Alumnight Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts
Sept 27 Caravaggio Chiaroscuro Written and designed by Gian Marco Lo Forte
Directed by George Drance
Oct 1 Deadly Confession Based on a novel by Tatiana Niculescu Bran
Andrei Serban Traveling Academy from Romania
Oct 8 The Osiander Preface and Oxygen Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts, Science and Theater Department
Oct 4 Iphigenia at Aulis Centre For Theatre Practices Gardzienice from Poland
Directed by Wlodzimierz Staniewski
Oct 6 Townville

By CollaborationTown
Text coordination by Geoffrey Decas, Boo Killebrew and Jordan Seavey
Direction by Matthew Hopkins and Ryan Purcell

Oct 18 Experimenta! Curated and directed by George Ferencz
Celebrating 10th anniversary of Experiments reading series.
6 plays were selected... see
Nov 2 The Usual Freak Show Written and performed by Jeffrey Essmann
With Michael John LaChiusa
Nov 8 Big Brother H.T. Dance Company
Nov 8 Mina Written by Leslie Lee
Directed by Cyndy A. Marion
Inspired by Modernist Poet & Artist Mina Loy
Nov 13 Reading by Michael Greenfield Michael Greenfield
Nov 14 Seven Days Written by Shlomi Moskovitch
Directed by Geula and Victor Attar
Nov 20 A Brief Look @ Everything & Nothing Performed by Laraine Goodman and friends
Nov 26 The Two Gentlemen in Verona Directed by Artemis Preeshl
in association with Artemis & The Wild Things
Nov 29 West Bank, UK Written & directed by Oren Safdi
Music & lyric by Ronnie Cohen
In association with Malibu Stage Company
Nov 29 Trash (Monezza) Text by Pier Paolo Pasolini
directed by Andrea Mancini
Nov 30 Moor Contradictions Written & performed by Ojay Morgan
In association with Eugene Lang The School for Liberal Arts.
Dec 3 Win Win Power Auction An interactive performance by Uwe Mengel where the audience bids for actors performances.
Dec 6 Bembaran Performed by Kinding Sindaw
Concept, choreography and direction by Potri Ranka Manis
Music by Ali Hadji Usman, Yukio Tsuji, Lisa Parker, Nur Noni Queano
Dec 7 It's a Wonderful Life in Nickyland Curated and hosted by Nicky Paraiso
Dec 14 The Baby Janes Holiday Kisses XXOX The Baby Janes
Dec 20 Days of Antonio Directed by Dario D'Ambrosi
Pathological Theater
Dec 28 The Honor and Glory of Whaling Written by Mike Gorman
Directed by Mike Gorman & David Bennett