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Play List 2006
Date Title Production Information
January 5 Mami Wata Directed by Prisca Ouya
Choreographed by Prica Ouya & Kiazi Malonga
January 10 Tomorrow's House Wayne Barker, Suzanne Hevner, Greg Carter, George Rush and Brandon Seabrook
January 19 RrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrKILLKILLKILL...
to infinity (MAKE IT LOOK REAL)
Created by Chris Yon, in collaboration with Jeanine Durning, Taryn Griggs and John Scott.
January 12 Major Barbara Written by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Brooke O'Harra
Music composed by Brendan Connelly
January 13 Delicous Rivers The Talking Band
Written & Composed by Ellen Maddow
Directed by Paul Zimet
January 19 Harvest Written by Manjula Padmanabhan
Directed by Benjamin Mosse
January 23 Wrequiem Benjamin Marcantoni, Armen Ra
February 2 The Emperor Jones Eugene O'Neill
Directed by Arthur Adair
February 15 The Rule of Capture Written by Charles Case
February 10 Particular People Directed by Pablo Vela
Choreographed by Meredith Monk
February 9 Death and the Ploughman Written by Der Ackermann aus Böhmen
Adapted and Directed by Peter Case
February 24 Banished to Siberia Ashley “Fishbone” Strand, Joey Defeo, Ian Ghent and Benny Mailman
February 27 For Bill Hosted by Nicky Paraiso & Ron Jones
February 16 Passing Away Scena Plastyczna KUL
Directed by Leszek Madzik
March 3 In Dire Circumstances Wallie Wolfgruber and friends
March 7 Quentin & I Directed by David Kingery
Composed by Andrew Sargent
March 9 Operetta New School University, the Eugene Lang College
Written by Witold Gombrowicz
Directed by Zishan Ugurlu
March 10 Pinchas, the Fish-People and the Great Flood Tami Stronach Dance
March 2 (L'ultima Notte di Salome)
The Last Night of Salome
Istituto di Studi dello Spettacolo-
Teatro Studio of Rome
March 16 Trilogy - Iphigenia, Helen, Odyssey Conceived, designed and directed by Theodora Skipitares
Music by Arnold Dreyblatt, Tim Schellenbaum, and Yukio Tsuji
March 24 Gazpacho Andalu Gazpacho Andalu
March 23 Travels, Tours and One-night Stands Conceived by Kim Imma & Onni Johnson
Directed & Choreographed by Kim Imma
Sound by Stefano Zazzera
March 31 Mediterranean Voices Choreographed by Nicola Iervasi
Directed by Kevin Albert
Mare Nostrum Elements
April 1 Mammamiro Virginia Virilli
April 6 Let's Crack Some Eggs Choreographed by Errol Grimes
Written by Michael Dinwiddie
Original Music by Mark Ballora
download program (pdf)
April 7 Pear Cowboy Planet Conveived by Chris Yon & Justin Jones (Chris & Justin); Jeff Larson & Zach Steel and the Zambonis
April 14 Odysseus & Ajax Directed by Tom Lee
Music by Martin Halpern
Puppet by Tom Lee
April 18 What I Heard About Iraq Adapted for stage by Simon Levy, from the article by Eliot Weinberger.
Directed by John Benitz
April 19 The Dragon Princess & The Scholar Directed by Liang Tee Tue
Performed by Juliana Lau & Danny Lau
download program (pdf)
April 20 Women in Confinement Written and directed by Maria Morett
download program (pdf)
April 24 The Fancy Stitch Machine Listening Hour Karinne keithle & The Fancy Stitch Machine
April 27 Sundown Written and directed by Watoku Ueno
Yara Arts Group
April 28 Mustard Written and directed by Mitchell Polin
May 1 Past Escape Performed by Christopher Wild
Directed by Cate Hirst
May 16 Alien Comic's Performance Art
Workshop Show
Alien Comic a.k.a. Tom Murrin
May 18 Sister Written by Mario Fratti
Directed by Pamela Billig
download program (pdf)
May 18 Herakles via Phaedra Conceived and Directed by Ellen Stewart
Music by Genji Ito, Michael Sirotta, Heather Paauwe and Ellen Stewart
May 21 Swell Daniel Zaitchik, Jeremy Bass, Christina Courtin
May 22 Fe-Mail Written and Directed by N.C. Heikin
June 2 Death by Joinery Written by Mike Gorman
The Forty Hour Club
June 8 Lunatics' Ball Written by Claudia Menza
Directed by Harold Dean James
download program (pdf)
June 12 Y'All Ready for This? Jim Andralis, Bridget Everett, Larry Krone, Kenny Mellman
June 16 King Lear Actors' Shakespeare Project of Boston
Directed by Patrick Swanson
download program (pdf)
June 16 La MaMa Moves Dance Blast Curated by Nicky Paraiso and Mia Yoo
June 26 Scottish Music Night 06 With Uncle Moon, Auntie Angus and the Highland Shatner
Curated by Thomas Keith
June 27 The Whore from Ohio Written by Hanoch Levin
Directed by Geula Jeffet Attar
September 22 Spic & Spam Written & performed by Alba Sanchez & Peter J. Byrnes
Directed by Gary Dini
October 2 Marlene Dietrich Ksenija Prohaska
October 3 The Tooth of Crime Written by Sam Shepard
Directed by George Ferencz
October 13 Modern Living Written by Richard Shienmel
Directed by Michael Baron
October 19 Abandon Written & Directed by Matthew Maguire
Music Composed by Andrew Ingkavet
Video Designed by Zbigniew Bzymek
Based on the collages of Matthew Maguire
In association with Creation Production Company
October 23 Jazz at the Club Featuring Deborah Auer with Neal Kirkwood & Mike Fitzbenjamin
October 26 Dancing VS The Rat Experiment Witness Relocation
Choreographed by Dan Safer
November 3 Swell(ing) Relatives Written & directed by Valeria Vasilevski
Performed by Lawrence Goldhuber
November 6 The Golf Wars Script &Score by Peter Dizozza
Directed by Tom Nondorf
November 6 Pilgrimage The Laughing Stone Dance Theatre
Sin Cha Hong
November 9 Home Front Written by Daniel Algie
Directed by E. Randahl Hoey
November 16 Several Witty Observations Dada von Bzdulow Theatre
Based on the writings of Witold Gombrowicz
In association with the Polish Cultural Institute
November 27 Meredith Monk's Tablet Meredith Monk & Ellen Fisher
November 30 The Whore from Ohio Written by Hanoch Levin
Directed by Geula Jeffet Attar & Victor Attar
December 1 Open Door Conceived, Designed Choreographed and Directed by Federico Restrepo
Music by Elizabeth Swados
Loco 7 Dance Puppet Theatre Company
December 1 The Architecture of Seeing - Remix Created and performed by Patricia Hoffbauer & George Emilio Sanchez
December 4 The Pursuit of Happiness A comedy performance by Jeffrey Essmann & Susan Burns.
December 19 Christmas in Nickyland Curated by Nicky Paraiso
December 14 Earth in Trance Written & Directed by Gerald Thomas
December 21 A Crazy Sound Wirtten & Directed by Dario D'Ambrosi