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Play List 2003
January 2 THE DEVILS OF LOUDUN adapted, directed & designed by: Matt Mitler
music direction: Bob Strock
costumes: Karen Hatt
January 2 TRIPPIN' written, composed and performed by: David Rodwin
directed by: Victoria Pero
designed by: Andrew Hill
January 6 UNCLE MOON HOSTS AULD LANG SYNE: SCOTTISH MUSIC OF ROBERT BURNS Uncle Moon: Trey Kay, Carl Riehl, Fritz Van Orden, Doug Largent & Robin Casey
January 16
A PAINTED SNAKE IN A PAINTED CHAIR written & composed: Ellen Maddow
director: Paul Zimet
scenic design: Nic Ularu
lighting design: Carol Mullins
costume design: Kiki Smith
choreographer: Karinne Keithley
keyboards: "Blue" Gene Tyranny
stage manager: Terry Dale
January 16 SSS-T-O-N-E-DDD assembled, directed, designed and performed by: Arthur Maximillian Adair
original music composed and performed by: S-Dog
theatrical consultant: Raine Bode
masks: Jun Maeda
RIMT founders: David Lefkowich, Patrick Mellen & David Rodwin
January 23 BAD BUGS BITE conceived and directed: Andrea Paciotto
music and media programming: Jan Klug
visuals and media programming: Sander Trispel
performers: Charlotte Brathwaite , Monika Haasova, Jelena Jovanovic
additional film/assistant director: Zlatko Stojilovic
light designer/technitian: Jasper Buurman
January 30 MARGA GOMEZ'S INTIMATE DETAILS written & performed by: Marga Gomez
directed by: David Schweizer
lighting design: Arthur Maximillian Adair
sound design: Alfredo D. Troche
set design: Gary Baura
February 10 PHILOKTETES written by: John Jesurun
featuring: Ruth Maleczech
February 13 HELEN: QUEEN OF SPARTA conceived, designed and directed by: Theodora Skipitares
music by: Arnold Dreyblatt
additional music by: Tim Schellenbaum
lighting: Pat Dignan
video: Kay Hines
technical design: David Adams, Michael Kelly & Jane Catherine Shaw
February 20 A STREET CORNER PIERROT conceived and performed by: Terrell Robinson
director: Sheila Kaminsky
composer & sound designer: Joshua Camp
set design: Mark Tambella
lighting designer: Federico Restrepo
February 27 BREAD & CIRCUS 3099 starring and created by: Jack Shamblin & Nicole Zaray
featuring: Hadas Gil Bar
choreographer: Paulo Henrique
music: Nicole Zaray
set design: Carlos Diaz
costume design: Tania Sterl & Marika Dadiani
lighting design: David Overcamp
February 27 THE LAST TWO JEWS OF KABUL written by: Josh Greenfeld
directed by: George Ferencz
featuring: Jerry Matz and George Drance
set design: Tom Lee
costume design: Sally Lesser
l ighting design: Jeff Tapper
sound design: Tim Schellenbaum
March 6 DEAD MAN'S SOCKS written and directed: Ralph B. Pena
company: Ma-Yi Theatre Company
March 10 & 11 RAW IMPRESSION MUSICAL THEATRE #10 ROCK BAND RIMT founders: David Lefkowich, Patrick Mellen & David Rodwin
March 31
& April 1
THE SEAGULL written & directed by: Gian Marco Lo Forte
assistant directed and choreographed by: Stephanie Rafferty
March 20 BODY directed by: Kokkelkoren and Bert Oele
music by: Wim Mertens
choreographed by: Erwin Kokkelkoren
set design by: Lisa Lalieu
costumes by: Ferry van Slooten
light design by: Jacques van Room
technician: Wijnand
March 20 YOKASTAS written by: Saviana Stanescu & Richard Schechner
director: Richard Schechner
light & set: E.D. Intemann
music direction: Meg Leary
choreography, assistant director, dramaturg: Kilbane Porter
managing director: Jeremy Allen Thompson
March 27 THE MOTHER directed by: Brooke O'Harra
score by: Brendan Connelly
puppets and video: Bilal Khan & Daniel Levine
dramaturg: Inna Giter
lighting design: Michael Phillips
costume design: Audrey Robinson
March 31 THE SEAGULL written & directed by: Gian Marco Lo Forte
assistant directed and choreographed by: Stephanie Rafferty
April 10 CARMILLA music by: Ben Johnston
script by: Wilford Leach
directed by: Wilford Leach and John Braswell
musical director: Zizi Mueller
film & projections by: Jack Coddington
project realization: Ellen Stewart
lighting supervisor: David Adams
set supervisor: Jun Maeda
sound supervisor: Tim Schellenbaum
project coordinator: Ozzie Rodriguez
stage manager: Ryo Onodera
April 10 DON JUAN or WAGES OF DEBAUCHERY adapted & directed by: Vit Horejs
scenic & costume design by: Theresa Linnihan
company: The Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
April 17 DIPTERACON or SHORT LIVED S%*T EATERS conceived and directed by: Raine Bode
original music & lyrics by: Felicia Carter Shakman
lighting design: Arthur Adair
musical direction: Felicia Carter Shakman, Ron C. Spencer III & Masa Imamura
assistant director & stage manager: Gian Marco Lo Forte
choral direction: Nicky Paraiso
May 1 LEMLUNAY directed by: Wayland Quintero
concept and choreography: Potri Ranka Manis, artistic director
master musician: Nur Nonilon V. Queano
company: Kinding Sindaw
May 1 THE EARTH'S SHARP EDGE designed and directed by: Thaddeus Phillips
created and performed by: Gina E. Cline, Kent Davis Packard, Michael Fegley, Muni Kulasinghe, Tatiana Mallarino, Thaddeus Phillips, Gareth Saxe
May 1 PRIVATE JOKES, PUBLIC PLACES written by: Oren Safdie
directed by: Craig Carlisle
May 22 GOD'S COMIC created and directed by: Oleg Braude
costume design: Kaori Onodera
sound design: Tim Schellenbaum
lighting design: Oleg Braude
poster design: Vladimir Davidenko-Geroi
assistant director and clownery consultant: David Tyson
May 22 SLANTY EYED MAMA RE BIRTH OF AN ASIAN performed by: Kate Rigg
written by: Kate Rigg and Leah Ryan
directed by: Dave Mowers
violinist: Lyris Hung
special guest: Korean B-Girl Seoul Sonyk
May 26 ITS A...MEXICAN MORMON written and performed by: Elna Baker
directed by: Liz Swados 
May 29 H.T. CHEN & DANCERS 25TH ANNIVERSARY World premiere by H.T. CHEN
comissioned score by: Ushio Torikai
musicians: Eric Phinney, Erin Lesser, Michael Lipsy, Ushio Torikai, Mat Ward
music by: Bradley Kaus
lighting: Brian Sciarra, David Lander
costumes: Sylvia Nolan & Linda Ross
25th Anniversary Documentary: Don Quinn Kelley
Dancers: Melissa Caywood, Susan Chia, Shin-Yun Chou, Erica DeJesus, Dian Dong, Sharon Estacio, Renouard Gee, Hsin-Ya Hou, Chih-Chun Huang, Rob Laqui, LunShan Liao, Naomi Kamada, Shiho Matsumura, Juan M. Porter II, Nick Seligson-Ross
May 30 COOKIN' WITH THE ISOTONERS guitar, vocals: Clint Asay
keyboard, vocals: Ben Lerman
accordianist: James Andralis
drummer: Bryce Edwards
June 5 THE RAW DEAL performed by: Coby Koehl
directed by: Vic DiMonda
musical director: Brandon Ethridge
June 12 CALENDAR OF STONE written, directed & performed by: Denise Stoklos
assistant director: Antonia Ratto
set design: Thais Stoklos Kignel and Leonardo Ceolin
costume design: Marie Toscano
lighting design: Pedro Kroupa and Antonia Ratto
June 12 SWAN company: Yara Arts Group
directed by: Virlana Tkacz
June 19 MARGA GOMEZ'S INTIMATE DETAILS written & performed by: Marga Gomez
directed by: David Schweizer
lighting design: Arthur Maximillian Adair
sound design: Alfredo D. Troche
set design: Shannon Robert Bowen
September 18 RAVAGED BY ROMANCE conceived and created by: Chris Tanner and Brandon Olson
director:Julie Atlas Muz
music: Lance Cruce, Armen Ra & Karen La Blanc
costume: Robert Lehman, Becky Hubbert & Steven Menendez
scenic design: Garry Hayes
September 18 TARGET AUDIENCE (THE CODE OF THE WESTERN) written and performed by: Jim Neu
with: Deborah Auer and Bill Rice
director: Keith McDermott
music: Harry Mann
video editing and design: Charles Dennis
scenic design: David Fritz
costumes: Angela Wendt
lighting: Arthur Adair
October 2 NOTHIN' BEATS PUSSY written and performed by: John Fleck
directed by: David Schweizer & Randee Trabitz
lighting design: Arthur Maximillian Adair
October 9 THE MIDDLE BEAST created and directed by: Joe Kodeih
written by: Joe Kodeih, Elie Karam and Marc Kodeih
art direction: Nadine Labaki
October 23 VIRTUAL MOTION written performed and directed by: David Rodwin 
October 23 HO'ICHI THE EARLESS Playwright Ryo Onodera
Director Kanako Hiyama
Composer, Musician: Yukio Tsuji
October 23 FOREIGN AIDS created and performed by: Pieter-Dirk Uys
October 30 FARMANIMALFARM directed, written and scored by Rolando Macrini
masks by Francesco Cerra
props by Ilaria Passeri
costumes by Patrizia Conti
production manager Aldo Milea
Episodes 53, 54, 55
written, directed & designed by John Jesurun
November 3 HENRY 5 creator & performer: Thaddeus Phillips
director: Tatiana Mallarino
director: Dario D'Ambrosi
screenwriter: Dario D'Ambrosi and Armando Pettorano
November 10 WORLD WAR NOW OR HOW SEYMOUR GOT HIS GUN OFF Playwright: Mark Eisenstein
Director: Tom O’Horgan
Novermber 13 BUTT CRACK BINGO written by Jack Bump
directed by David Soul
November 20 RAMAYANA 2K3 conceived, written and directed by Robert A. Prior
costume and mask design by Robert A. Prior
lighting design by Richard Ford and Stephen Hues
visual projection design by Yo Suzuki
sound design and editing by Scott Jennings
live tabla by Abhiman Kaushal
November 20 THE GOOD FAITH written, composed and directed by Harold Dean James
musical director Christa Victoria
choreographed by Guillermo (D. D.) Resto
December 4 GLAMOUR, GLORY & GOLD written by Jackie Curtis
directed by Joe Preston
stage manager Lars Preece
creative directors D'Arcy Drollinger & Clayton Dean Smith
December 11 DES PASIONES SIN RETORNO choreographer: Maria Elena Anaya
guitarists: Ricardo Joya & Marco Nunez
cantaores: Maria Benjumeda & Alfonso Cid
production manager: Nora Jacobs
December 11 ACCADDE DOMANI written by Dario Fo & Franca Rame
adapted by Shigeko Suga
December 16 WOZA ALBERT written by Percy Mtwa, Mbongeni Ngema, and Barney Simon
performed by Patrick Ssenjovu and Lucky N. Ngema
December 18 NICKY PARAISO & FRIENDS CHRISTMAS 2003 curated & hosted by Nicky Paraiso
lighting & scenic design Arthur Adair
sound design and operator David Bonilla
December 26 IT'S A DANCE THING! curated by: Nicky Paraiso
lighting design: Adrian Clark