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Play List 2002
Date Title Production Information
January 3 DAUGHTER OF A PACFIST SOLDIER Company: Tamar Rogoff Performance Projects
Written, Directed & Choreographed by: Tamar Rogoff
Composer: Ralph Denzer
January 3 RENO: REBEL WITHOUT A PAUSE Solo Monologue Performance by: Reno
(extented to these dates from its original opening in September, 2001)
January 3 CROSSING OVER Solo Vocal Performance by: Tom Bogdan
January 14 LOST SOLES Solo Theatre/Tap Performance by: Thaddeus Phillips
(return performance from 2000 season)
January 17 SPEED HEDDA Company: Fabulous Monsters
Nation: Los Angeles
Playwright: Henrik Ibsen & Robert Prior
Director: Robert Prior
January 17 THE BOB AND BILL SHOW Musical performance with:
Bob Een: Voice & Cello
Bill Ruyle: Hammer Dulcimer & Marimba
Other musicians include: Carter Burwell, Katie Geissinger, Jeff Berman, Ted Reichman & Toby Newman
January 21 RAW IMPRESSIONS MUSICAL THEATRE Company: Raw Impressions Musical Theatre
A One Night Stand In the Club
(A New Musical in 6 days)
January 24 SONGS FOR STAGE Curated and Directed by: Brian Glover
Composers: Diedre Broderick & Jesse Gelber (Additional music by Brian Glover)
January 28 PHILOKETES written by: John Jesurun
featuring : Jeff Weiss
January 31 SOUND OF THE SUN Company: Arts Sound & Movement
Created, Designed & Directed by: Arthur Maximillian Adair
(A Theatrical Installation)
February 4 NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND A One Night Stand In the Club
A Three Elephants Cabaret
February 5 ROBOT STORIES A Film Series produced by Kim Ima of the Great Jones Repertory.
February 7 EROTIC ADVENTURES IN VENICE Playwright: Mario Fratti
Director: Dan Friedman
February 9 SAJARRA, RUAH KADIM, THE STORY OF RUTH Company: Inbal Dance Theatre
Nation: Israel
February 14 DOUBLE AGENCY Performed by: Peggy Shaw & Lois Weaver
(Additional work by The Clod Ensenble)
February 14 BOYS NIGHT OUT A Nicky Paraiso Cabaret
featuring: Nicky Paraiso & David Friedman
special guest mc: Julie Halston
February 18 RAW IMPRESSIONS MUSICAL THEATRE Company: Raw Impressions Musical Theatre
A One Night Stand In the Club
(A New Musical in 6 days)
February 25 COTTON CLUB RHAPSODY A One Night Stand In the Club celebrating Black History Month
curated by: Andre De Sheilds
conceived and directed by: Mercedes Ellington
written by: Michael Dinwiddie
February 28 THE HAMLET PROJECT Playwright: William Shakespeare & William Electric Black
Director: William Electric Black
Composer: Valerie Ghent
Choreography: Trebien Pollard
Costume design: Beth Leward
Production Manager: Randy F. Simon
February 28 TUMOR BRAINOWICZ company: Theatre of a Two Headed Calf
written by: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
translated by: Daniel Gerould
directed by: Brooke O'Harra
composed by: Brendan Connelly
March 4 A CELEBRATION OF LIFE: a benefit for the ongoing care of Rod Rodgers

featuring: Carmen de Lavallade, Eleo Pomare, Dyanne Harvey, Noel Hall, Sean Curran, Duo Theatre, Alpha/Omega Dance Company, Rod Rodgers Dance Company
March 14 THE RISE AND FALL OF TIMUR THE LAME company: Skysaver Productions
created & directed by: Theodora Skipitares
composed by: David First
March 14 HOWLING company: Yara Arts Group
directed by: Virlana Tkacz
set and lights by: Watoku Ueno
movement by: Katja Kolcio
March 14 PI = 3.14...HIROSHIMA-NEW YORK-BELGRADE-NEW YORK-SARAJEVO-NEW YORK-KABUL company: The School of Hard Knocks
written by: Yoshiko Chuma
directed by: Yoshiko Chuma
March 25 RAW IMPRESSIONS MUSICAL THEATRE Company: Raw Impressions Musical Theatre
A One Night Stand In the Club
(A New Musical in 6 days)
April 4


music: Melissa Shiflett
libretto: Nancy Fales Garrett
conductor: Douglas Anderson
set design: John Scheffler
lighting design: Matthew Staniec
costume design: Kate Herman
video/slide projections: Lisa Bloch
choreographer: Marcos Dinnerstein
April 4 KISS SHOT written by: Jim Neu
directed by: Keith McDermott
music by: Neal Kirkwood
set: Donald Eastman
lighting: Carol Mullins
costumes: Angela Wendt
April 4 BOW DOWN written by: Joe Brady
directed by: Raine Bode
set: Arturo
costume: Denise Greber
lighting: Federico Restrepo
stage manager: Stephanie Rafferty
Songs: Yukio Tsuji
April 8 BOOK OF JOB created by: Danny Ashkenasi
April 15 MISS MOBILE created and performed by: Emil Hrvatin
April 25 SEGUIRIYA created and directed by: Shigeko Suga
set: Jun Maeda
lighting: Scott Rosenfeld
costumes: Denise Greber
April 25 TUMOR BRAINOWICZ company: Theatre of a Two Headed Calf
written by: Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
translated by: Daniel Gerould
directed by: Brooke O'Harra
composed by: Brendan Connelly
April 29 UNCLE MOON & AUNTIE ANGUS Musical Performance
May 6 & 7 TURKISH MUSIC NIGHT performed by: Zishan Ugurlu
May 8 DRAUPADI directed by: Ellen Stewart
*performed by Great Jones Repertory Company and Members of the Kerala Team of Kathakali Artists
May 9 LITTLE ANNIE & FRIENDS directed by: Keith McDermott
musical director: Paul Wallfisch
performed by: Little Annie
special guests: Bill Rice, Christine Donnelly, Kid Congo Powers, Nicky Paraiso
May 16 VENTO FORZA 5 conceived and directed by: Stefano Zazzera & Maha Chehlaoui
original music: Stefano Zazzera & Yukio Tsuji
May 23 THE VIOLENCE PROJECT conceived and directed by: Liz Swados
music director: Kris Kukul
assistant director: Nicole Newton
stage / tour manager: Sara Jane Baldwin
props and puppet design: Stefano Brancato
costumes: Whitney Pastorek and Stella Sensel
May 30 COUNTING COUP written by: Mike Gorman
conceived by: Mike Gorman & Federico Restrepo
director: Simon Hammerstein
choreography, puppet design and construction: Federico Restrepo
set design: Patrick Siviglia
lighting design: Charlie Morrison
sound design: Tim Shellenbaum
May 30 TO DREAM ALIVE created and performed by: Amy Guggenheim
May 30 THIS END UP: A USERS MANUAL FOR LOVERS OF ASIANS author/director: Ralph B. Peña
musical director: Dominick Amendum
lighting design: Vince Hokia
June 10 & 11 JOHN MORAN  
June 15 DIONYSUS: FILIUS DEI text and direction: Ellen Stewart
vocal score: Elizabeth Swados
original music & orchestrations: Michael Sirotta, Shelia Dabney & Genji Ito
lighitng design: David Adams
scenic design: Jun Maeda, Mark Tambella & Watoku Ueno
puppet design: Federico Restrepo
costume design: Sally J. Lesser
June 20 GILGAMESH composer: Stephen Dickman
performed by: Thomas Buckner & Desiree Halac
orchestra: S.E.M. Ensemble
conducter: Petr Kotik
director: K. Elizabeth Stevens
June 24 RANT directed by: Peggy Suzuki
performed by: Mariana Sadovska
September 12 WAZU company: Slant
September 19 BRONX WITCH PROJECT written and Performed by: Alba Sanchez
directed by: Gary Dini
October 3 9 WINDOWS company: Loco 7
created and directed by: Federico Restrepo
October 3 SLUT FOR ART &
company: Ping Chong
written & performed by: Muna Tseng
October 10 BILLIE SONG & VERSE written & directed by: Roz Nixon
Performed by: Madame Pat Tandy
October 24 SURVIVAL OF THE FETUS written & performed by: Coby Koehl
director & choreographer: Vic DiMonda
musical director: Jonah Spidel
October 31 AZNAVOUR IN BLOEM performed by: Frans Bloem
lighting design: Arthur Adair
October 31 KAFKA'S METAMORPHOSIS stage and film direction: Rene Migliaccio
film co-direction: Vinz Feller
scenographer/painter: Venantius J. Pinto
score: Amaury Groc
sound design: Jeremy A. Wilson
makeup design: Nadia Fadeeva
costume: Roxana Ramseur
November 7 BIRTH OF A NASIAN written and performed by: Kate Rigg
music writtenand performed by: Lyris Hung
November 14 ORPHAN ON GOD'S HIGHWAY company: International WOW Company
conceived and directed: Josh Fox
lighting design: Charles Foster
set design: David Esler
musical directors: Josh Fox and Peter Lettre
November 14 GENEVA written by: Nicholas von Hoffman
directed by: Mary Fulham
set designer: Gregory John Mercurio
lighting designer: Jenn Gleason
costume designer: Ramona Ponce
mask designer: Federico Restrepo
sound designer: Tim Schellenbaum
November 14 SPECTACLE OF SPECTACLES: THE CLAIRVOYANT CABARET written and directed: Deirdre Broderick
lighting & set design: Brian Glover
sound design: Tim Schellenbaum
stage manager: Xavier Ortega
November 18 HARD TO SAY written by: Daniel Shamir
directed by: Richard Looney
December 5 AGITPROPS conceived and directed by: Yoshiko Chuma
collaboprating artists and performers: Taryn Griggs, Karinne Keithley, Jeff Larson and Chris Yon
set design: Tom Lee
lighting design: Jeff Larson, Tom Lee and Yoshiko Chuma
December 5 BLUE SKY TRANSMISSION conceived and directed by: Raymond Bobgan
written by: Raymond Bobgan with Wishhounds and contributing writers Mike Geither, Patricia Harusame Leebove and Ray McNiece
composed by Halim El-Dabh
December 5 MUSSMANN'S H.A.M.L.E.T. re-written and directed by: Linda Mussmann
in collaboration with & performed by: Claudia Bruce & Gerald Stoddard
set design: Jun Maeda
December 19 LITTLE ANNIE'S CHRISTMAS 2002 performed by: Little Annie
musical director Paul Wallfisch
directed by Keith McDermott
set & lighting design: Arthur Adair
special guests: Joe Budenholzer, Bill Rice, Kid Congo Powers, Christine Donelly and Nicky Paraiso