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Play List 2001
Date Title Production Information
January 4 OPTIC FEVER Playwright: Theodora Skipitares
Composer: David First
January 4 FIDDLER SUB-TERRAIN Written & Directed by: Oren Safdie
Composer: Ronnie Cohen
January 11 LOST SOLES Written, Directed & Performed by: Thaddeus Phillips
January 22 MARIAN ANDERSON:THE LADY FROM PHILADELPHIA Playwrights: Walter Jones,Edgar White,Norma Jean Darden
January 24 METAMORPHOSIS or THE GOLDEN ASS ACCORDING TO LUCIUS APULEIUS Company: Staniewski-Gardzienice theatre
Nation: Poland
Director: Wlodzimierz Staniewski
February 1 HYMN TO THE RISING SUN Playwright: Paul Green
Director: Barbara Montgomery
February 1 THE ROOM ON THE THIRD FLOOR Directed by: Stefano Zazzera & John Sullivan
Composed by: Rolando Macrini, Andrea Mescolini, John Sullivan, Stefano Zazzera
February 14 ARMAGEDDON ON THE GRB HILL Company: theatre Astorka Korzo
Nation: Slovenia
Playwright: Rudolf Sloboda
February 22 SIX MONTHS TO LIVE Written & Directed by: Karim Noack
February 22 KARIUKI'S NOTEBOOK Playwright: RickGray
Director: Sonoco Kawahara
February 23 SOUL'S ENCOUNTER Written & Directed by: Elio Cesari
March 15 SILENCE SILENCE SILENCE Nation: Slovenia
Company: Theatre Mladinsko
Written & Directed by: Vito Taufer
March 15 OBO: OUR SHAMINISM Company: Yara Arts Group
Created by: Virlana Tkacz, Sayan & Erzhena Zhambalov
March 29 LOVE WINNING , HATE LOSING Written & Directed by: Heidi Riegler
March 29 BIG DICKS, ASIAN MEN Company: Slant
April 5 PROSE OF THE TRANSSIBERIAN AND OF LITTLE JOAN OF FRANCE Company: Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre & Wyoming Dance Workshop
Written & Directed by: Vit Horejs
Composer: Jemeel Moondoc
Choreographer: Babs Case
(with a children's marionette piece entitled "Travels with Old Nick")
April 5 KWAME,THE ULTIMATE LOVE STORY Company: Les Enfants Terribles
Nation: Netherlands
Playwright: Erwin Kokkelkoren
Director: Bert Oele
April 19


Created and Performed by: Company Mud of Manhattan's Marymount College
Directed by: Liz Swados
April 26 COMEDIANS Playwright: Trevor Griffiths
Director: Ted Lambert
April 27 TURANDOT Company: Columbia University
Playwright: Sheri Wilner & Carlo Gozzi
Director: Nicky & Ulla Wolcz
May 3 SEVEN AGAINST THEBES Playwright: Ellen Stewart-Aeschylus
Director: Ellen Stewart
Composers: Genji Ito, Michael Sirotta & Elizabeth Swados
May 17 DONDE? ESTAS? Written & Directed by: Judy Dworin
May 17 MY BOYS FRIGHTEN ME Playwrights: Aaron Howard, David Francis, Edgar Oliver, Eric Romele & Michael Wiener
Directed & Curated: Edgar Oliver
May 17 HENRY IV (Parts I & II) Playwright: Willian Shakespeare
Director: Alec Harrington
May 26 BLIND IN TIME Playwright: Linda Mussman & Claudia Bruce
Director: Linda Mussman
June 7 BITTERROOT Company: The Talking Band
Written & Directed by: Paul Zimet
Composer: Peter Gordon
June 7 THE TEMPEST Playwright: William Shakespeare & Thaddeus Phillips
Director: Thaddeus Phillips
June 14 OPTIC FEVER Written & Directed by: Theodora Skipitares
Composer: David First
June 18 A SCOTTISH MUSIC NIGHT To Benefit: Clann An Uabhair: the Gay & Lesbian Scottish Association
Bands: Uncle Moon and Auntie Angus
June 21 THE WOMAN LAUGHING Written, Directed & Performed by: Sin Cha Hong
June 21 PASTURES OF PLENTY River Arts Repertory (Fordham University)
Written & Directed by: Colin Hodges

Written by: Mike Gorman
Directed by: Mike Gorman & Rick Gomez

September 27 RHYTHMS IN THE LIGHT Written & Composed by: Du Carmo Alexandrino
Director: George Drance
October 4 RENO: REBEL WITHOUT A PAUSE Written, Directed & Performed by: Reno
October 18 THE BACCHAE: TORN TO PIECES Playwright: Hopeful Monsters
Director: Susan Fenichell
Composer: David Russell
October 24 WE HAVE TO STOP NOW Playwright: Aida Croal & Ruti Rosen
Director: Ruti Rosen
Composer: Deflon
October 25 RICHARD 3 Playwright: William Shakespeare
Adapted by: Andrei Serban
Director: Andrei Serban

Company: Provisorium theatre
Nation: Poland
Playwright: Witold Gombrowicz
Adapted for the Stage by: Allen J. Kuharski
Based on the Translation by: Danuta Borchardt
Director: Janusz Oprynski & Witold Mazurkiewicz

November 8 DICKPLAY Playwright: Jack Bump (Tom Murrin)
Director: David Soul
November 23 BACK 2 PRIVATE Nation: Austria
Playwright: Bilderwerfer Dance Company
Director: Youssi Wanunu
November 29 STAR MESSENGERS Company: The Talking Band
Playwright: Paul Zimet and Ellen Maddow
November 29 COLORED EXPOSURES Written & Performed by: Dan Beaty
Director: Kenneth Lee
November 29 BED OF LIGHT Written & Directed by: Jane Catherine Shaw
December 20 BRIAH written by: Yossefa Even-Shoshan
directed by: Geula Jeffet Attar
translation by: Avraham Leader
music: Yuavl Mesner
December 20 A MAMMAL'S NOTEBOOK: ERIK SATIE CABARET directed by: John Bell
pianist: Margaret Leng Tan