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Play List 1999
Date Title Production Information
January 2 WET SPOT Company: Slant Group
January 2 BARE (Dances) Choreographer: Yanira Castro, Mei Yin Ng & Maura Nguyen Donohue
January 2 COYOTE, TAKE ME THERE Playwright: Sophia Murashkovsky
Director: Leslie Lee
January 2 IDIOT"S AUDITION Mime Theatre
Playwright: Harold Lehmann
January 7 RUSALKA, THE LITTKE RIVERMAID Written & Directed by: Vit Horjes
January 21 VAUDEVILLE 2000 Laraine Goodman - A Review of Music and Dance
January 21 TILT Company: The Talking Band
Written & Composed by: Ellen Maddow
January 28 BLOODLETTING Playwright: Michael DiAntonio
Director: George Ferencz
February 11 KAGEKIEYO DE -TAINED Playwright: Namboku tsuruya
Director: Kazuki Takasc
Feburary 18 NEODANZA Nation: Caracas, Venezuela
Director: Alexey Taran & Ines Rojas
Feburary 18 NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES Written & Directed by: Roz Nixon
Composer: Stephen Lee
February 25 ROMAN RUINS Playwright: Philippe Minyana
March 4 THE LONE RUNNER Written & Directed by: Jane Catherine Shaw
Composer: Tim Schellenbaum
March 5 FLIGHT OF THE WHITE BIRD Company: Yara Arts & Buryat National Theater
Nation: Mongolia
Director: Virlana Tkacz
March 8 THROUGH HER EYES Women of Color Arts Festival 1999 - Jacqueline Wade, Executive Producer
March 25 TOPSY ON THE BOARDWALK Written & Directed by: Edward Kinchley Evans
March 26 FRAGMENTS OF A GREEK TRILOGY Company: Great Jones Repertory Co.
Director: Andrei Serban
Composer: Liz Swados
April 15 BODY OF CRIME Playwright: Theodora Skipitares
April 15 ASPHYXIA & OTHER PROMISES Playwright: Henry Israel
Director: Brad Krumholz
May 6 ROOTS OF BRAZIL Company: Maria Elena Anya Dance Co.
Nation: Mexico
Choreographer: Maria Elena Anya
May 6 & 8 EARTHSAVERS DREAM ENSEMBLE In observance of May as Asia-Pacific Heitage and UNESCO Culture and Development Month.
May 6 SPRING AWAKENING Playwright: Frank Wedekind
Director: Andrea Paciotto
Composer: Tareke Ortiz
May 12 THE BRIDE AND THE BUTTERFLY HUNTER Playwright: Nissim Aloni
Director: Victor & Geula Attar
May 20 IMAGENES Nation: Mexico
Flamenco Dancer Maria Elena Anya
May 27 HENRY V Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Alexander Harrington
Composer: John Allman
May 27 FIRST KILL Playwright: Frank Damico
Director: Harold Dean James
Sin Cha Hong: Korean Dancer Choreographer
Paul Andrew Thompson: American Dancer Choreographer
June 10 BOX '71' STANCE JAZZ FUSIONS & DREAMS Company: Rod Rogers Dance Co
Choreographer: Rod Rogers
June 17 IN A PERSON IS A CITY Playwright: Amy Guggenheim
Director: Cheryl Katz
September 13 TRINITY Summer Festival Project
September 20 END OF THE ROPE Company: Seattle Circus
Playwright: George R Lupu
Director: Steve Pearson & Daniel Stanley
Composer: Daniel Stanley
September 20 ROMAN RUINS Playwright: Philippe Minyana
Director: Philomena Nowlin
October 7 WATSON-ARTS WORKSHOP Playwright: A Variety Of Women
Director: Mary Fulham
October 11 TEXTS FOR NOTHING Samuel Beckett-Chaikin Benefit
October 11 MYTHOS ET AL Company: Odin Theater
Director: Eugenio Barba
October 25 UNDERCURRENT INC. Playwright: Jim Neu
Director: Keith McDermott
Composer: Harry Mann
November 7 THE PLAGUES FOR OUR TIMES Playwright: Eve Merriam
Directed & Composed by: Tom O'Horgan
November 26 SECRET SUNSHINE SCHEDULE Company: Betontanc Dance & Theater Co
Nation: Slovenia
November 18 THE BEARD Playwright: Michael McClure
Director: Larry Sacharow
Composer: Daniel Levy
December 2 MURDER IN MIND Company: Ubu Rep Theater
Nation: France
Playwright: Xavier Durringer
Director: David Gery
December 9 THE FILAMENT CYCLE Playwright: Tea Alagic & Thaddeus Phillips
Composer: Graham Cooley
December 17 SKY PLOTS - A CHAOS OF RITUALS Company: The Ransom Corp.
Director: Victor & Geula Attar