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Play List 1998
Date Title Production Information
January 1 SQUEAL LIKEA PIG Company: Slant
January 22 THE BLACK MILK QUARTET Company: The Talking Band
Director: Paul Zimet
Composer: Harry Mann
January 29 ONE UNO Company: Teatro a Benzina
Playwright: Stefano Zazzera & Aldo Milea
Feburary 5


Company: Ridge Theater
Playwright: Mac Wellman
Director: Bob Mc Grath
Composer: Jim Farmer
Feburary 12 CALL BACKS Written & Directed by: Harold Dean James
Feburary 12 AT THE END OF THE CENTURY Nation: Venezuela
Playwright: Aminta De Lara
Director: Aminta De Lara & Daniel Bort
Feburary 26 FIESTA WARE Written & Directed by: Milton Diaz
March 12 DEVOTION Company: Watson Arts
Playwright: Mary Fulham
Director: Eureka
March 12 THE ADVENTURES OF KAT WOMAN Written & Directed by: Armand A Ruhlman
March 23 SOLID PEACH Written & Directed by: Lisette Merenciana
March 23 FESTA PRIMAVERA Written & Directed by: Emelise Aleandri
April 2 POSITIVE WOMEN L.E.F.T. Playwrights: Candido Tirado,Carmen Rivera,Migdalia Cruz,Michael Garces
April 9 WHITE KNIGHTS Playwright: Dostoyevsky
Director: Andrea Paciotto
Composer: John Sullivan
April 16 JEWS AND JESUS Playwright: Oren Safdie
Director: Tom Patellis
Composer: Ronnie Cohen
April 16 LLAJTA: HOMELAND The Blanco Dances
Co-Created and Choreographed by Carol Blanco
Co- Created and Staged by R. Michael Blanco
Traditional Bolivian music combined with Original music by
David Lawson
April 24 FLIGHT Buryat National Music
Company: Yara Arts
Director: Virlana Tkacz & Erzhena Zhambalov
Composer: Genji Ito
May 7 EXILE IN JERUSALEM Playwright: Motti Lerner
Director: Geula Jeffet-Attar
May 15 CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE Company: Columbia University
Playwright: Bertolt Brecht
Director: Andrei Serban
Composer: Liz Swados
June 4 Harry and the Cannibals Playwright and Director: Susan Mosakowski
Set Design: Paula Longendyke
Lighting Design: Howard Thies
Sound: Joe Gallat
Company: Creation Production
June 4 A CANNON FOR THE BLUE MOON Company:North American Cultural Lab
Directors: Brad Krumholz & Tannis Kowalchuk
June 18 HAMASTA Nation: New Zealand
Playwright: Kate Harvey
Director: Jean Taylor & Shelly Wyant
June !8 CONVERTIBLE Playwright: Elizabeth West Versalie
Director: Tyr Throne
Composer: Peter Dizozza
June 18 ALL TALK Company: Todd Theater Troup
Director: Mervyn Willis
Composer: Alexandros
September 9 COLORES Director & Choreographer: Federico Restrepo
September 9 FLAMINGO BAR Company: Figuren Theater
Nation: Germany
Playwright: Frank Soehnie
Director: Hendrix Mannes
September 15 KWAIDAN Conceived & Directed by: Ping Chong
September 24 THE BALD SOPRANO Playwright: Eugene Ionesco
Director: Niky Wolez
Translator: Donald M Allen
September 24 LEAR REX Company: NY Performance Alliance
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Directors: Ernest Abuba & Shigeko Suga
Company: Poppo & The GoGo Boys
October 8 CAPTAIN MALEDETTO Director: Dario D'Ambrosi
October 15 A SEED WAS PLANTED Trinity La MaMa

October 15

LE VENT COULIS Written & Directed by: Guy Shelley
Composer: Jean-Marie Pasquer
October 15 LE MENAGE Playwright: Aida M Croal
Director: Robert Allen
October 15 CAPTAIN MALEDETTO Playwright: Dario D'Ambrosi
October 27 THE TAMING OF THE SHREW Company: Columbia University
Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Andrei Serban
October 29 GOD, THE CRACKHOUSE & THE DEVIL Playwright: Levy Lee Simon Jr
Director: Mary Beth Easley
Composer: Mark Bruckner
November 5 TO BE A TURK Playwright: Huseyin Katircioglu
November 19 CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE Written & Directed by: Denise Stoklos
November 19 THE BARON IN THE TREES A Dance Piece
Playwright: Valerie Striar
November 25 SHADOWBOX Directed & Choreographed by: Adim Ndlovn

December 3

6 PASSIONATE WOMEN Playwright: Mario Fratti
Director: Joumana Rizk
December 4 THE CAT AND THE MOON Playwright: William Butler Yeats
Director: Huseyin Katircioglu