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Play List 1987
Date Title Production Information
January 8 SAFE SEX Playwright: Harvey Fierstein
Director: Eric Concklin
Composer: Ada Janik
February 5 CIRCUS Company:Creative Time, Inc.
Written & Directed by: Huck Snyder
January 5 LUST AND THE UNICORN Company: J. ARC & Company
Playwright: Ozzie Rodriguez & Mark Waren
Director:Ozzie Rodriguez
February 19 MARY STUART Nation:Brazil
Created, Interpreted and Directed by: Denise Stoklos

(Japanese Choral Music)
Conductor: Dobuaki Tanaka

March 16


A Work in Progress
Playwright:Edgar White
Director: Basil Wallace

Traditional & Contemporary Music / Dance featuring artists from: Taiwan, Irael, Japan, Phillipines, Peru, India, Nigeria, US, Morocco, Native America and Korea.

April 4 THE SLEEPLESS CITY Company: Ubu Repertory
Nation: France
Playwright: Jean Tardieu
Director: Francoise Kourilski
Composer: Genji Ito
April 8 BLACK MARIA Written & Directed by: Jean Jesurun
April 30 YAP THAW & DEAD RECKONING Company: World of Culture, Ltd.
Playwright: Steve Buscemi & Mark Boone Junior
Director: T. Weir Wright
May 1 PROPAGANDA Written & Directed by: Matthew Maguire
Composer: Fred Frith
May 2 PUNCH Written & Directed by: Leonardo Shapiro
May 20 HEIMLICH VARIATIONS ORANGE GROVE Company: Otrabanda Company
Playwright: Roger Babb & Sidney Goldfarb
Director: Roger Babb
Composer: Blue Gene Tyranny
May 27 A LEAP IN THE DARK Written, Directed & Composed by: Timothy Buckley
May 29 WE'RE MOVING ON Company:The Arena Players
Written & Directed by: Ed Heath
June 3 THE ROTARY AND HIS HOT PLATE Written & Directed by: Susan Mosakowski
June 4 BLUE MARAGARITAS Playwright: Robert Auletta & Donald Byrd
Director: William Foeller
Composer: Mio Morales & Beo Morales
June 10 MATTER OF FACT Company:Laughing Stone
Written & Directed by: Sin Cha Hon
Composer: Denman Maroney & David Simons
June 18 WRECKED ON BRECHT Written & Directed by: Diana Son
June 18 GIVE MY REGARDS TO OFF-OFF BROADWAY Written & Directed by: Tom Eyen
July 1

PANAMA - a Pre-Opera

Written & Directed by: Cho Kyoo-Hyun
Composer: Santino Cala & Matt Darriau
September 13 ABSOLUTE MUSIC GROUP Playwright: Patti Bradshaw, Pepon Osorio, & Merian Soto
Composer: Brahms
September 17 EKATHRINA SOBECHANSKAYA Company: Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet
Written & Directed by: Lally Rhee
September 21 THE TEMPTATIONS OF SAINT ANTHONY Written & Directed by: Nicky Wolcz
Composer: Phillip Glass, Terry Rilly & Stefan Keller
September 25 AMBITION Written & Directed by: Peter Halasz
Composer: Steve Piccolo
October 1 SPECTACCALO Video: Kit Fitzgerald
Composer: Peter Gordon
October 8 BRAIN CAFE Company: Otrabanda Company
Written & Directed by: Roger Babb
Composer: Blue Gene Tyranny
October 29 THE GA RA SHA Company: Orthodox BANDO Japanese Dance School
Playwright: Ayako Joe & Mithugiku Bando
Director: Toshihide Ichinose
October 28 EKATHRINA SOBECHANSKAYA Company: Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet
Written & Directed by: Lally Rhee
November 3


Written & Directed by: Joanna Peled
Composer: John J.H. Phillips
November 5 JERKISMO Playwright: Tom Cayler
Director: Kay Cummings
November 19 MIMI GARRARD DANCE THEATRE Choreographer: Mimi Garrard in collaboration with dancers and Andre Bernard

"Koan", the Words of Zen Masters created by Yoshi Oida
Composer: Akio Suzuki

November 27 THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI Adapted & Directed by: Susan Mosakowski
Composer: Wayne Horvitz & Carl Mayer
December 10 THE HYPOTHESIS DIARY OF A MADMAN Playwright: Robert Pinget & Nikolai Gogl
Director: Liz Diamond & Ismail Kanater
Composer: Phillip Goetz