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Play List 1963
Date/ Opened Show Name Details
January 4 SON OF FRICKA Playwright: Bruce Kessler
Director: Bruce Kessler
January 11 BATHSHEBA Playwright: Andre Gide
Director: Joe Davies
Playwright: Edna St. Vincent Milay
Director: Donald Knaub
based on Aria de Capo
January 24 THE BIG CHEESE Playwright: Rober Sealy wih Donald Julian
Director: Luis Feliciano
February 8 READINGS FROM GEORGE B. SHAW including: The Village Wooing
February 15 THE WRONG MAGNOLIAS Playwright: Donald Julian
Director: Randy Harris
March 1 THREE POEM PLAYS Playwright: Mark Sadan
Director: Mark Sadan
March 7 AUTO DA FE Playwright: Tennessee Williams
Director: Joe Cino
March 14 SON OF FRICKA Playwright: Bruce Kessler
Director: Bruce Kessler
March 21 HELLO OUT THERE Playwright: William Saroyan
Director: Paula Seiden
March 29 MEDEA Playwright: Jean Anouillh
Director: Donald Julian
Composer: Charles Byrd
April 12 IN A ROOM HUNG WITH CURTAINS Playwright: Bruce Kessler
Director: Don Knaub
Composer: Gary W. Friedman
April 26 -
June 28


Women in the building said we ran a bordello. The Buildings Department made us move. The basement was then rented to a tailor.

Cafe LaMaMa was closed from April 26 to June 28 and it moved to 82 Second Avenue on the second floor.

This space was 20' x 50' high, with a one-step stage across the street side which was 20' x 8'. There was a dressing room in the rear opposite the coffee bar. It seated 74, the legal limit.

June 28 THE BALD SOPRANO Playwright: Eugene Ionesco
Director: John Thompson
July 4 THE CLOWN Playwright: David Zlochhauer
July 11 THE VISCOUNT OF BLARNEY Playwright: Austin Clark
Director: Robert DahDah
July 18 ALL WILL FALL Playwright: James Eliason
Director: Don Knaub
July 25 FAT CHANCE Playwright: Robert Sealy
August 1 ON THE BRIDGE Playwright: Ross Alexander
August 7 ELOUISE AND RAMONA Playwright: Glen Barret
Director: Ingrid West
August 14 MACKEREL ON TUESDAY Playwright: James Eliason
Director: Donald Knaub
September 13 WOYZECK Playwright: Georg Buchner
September 20 HURRAH FOR THE BRIDGE Playwright: Paul Foster
Director: Sydney Shubert
Composer: Walter Freidman
October 4 SAMMY Playwright: Rick Sevy
October 11 ROCOCCO JOKER Playwright: James Eliason
October 18-31   From October 18-31 the theatre was dark. There was no money to pay the electric bill.
November 1 TIME IS A THIEF Playwright: R.F. Carroll
Director: Walt Brown
November 15 SAMMY Playwright: Rick Sevy
November 18 A.I.R. (ARTIST IN RESIDENCE) Playwright: Bruce Kessler
November 22 EUGENIA WORE A WEDDING GOWN Playwright: David Mueller
Director: Walter Brown
    During this period we invented our opening ritual: Ellen Stewart took the bell from HURRAH FOR THE BRIDGE cart, rang it and said,
"Good evening ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to La MaMa, dedicated to the playwright and all aspects of the theatre. Tonight we present..."
November 29 WHO'S AFRAID OF EDWARD ALBEE Playwright: David Starkweather
December 6 THE NEW PLACE Playwright: Ross Alexander
December 13 THE AMALGAMATED AMERICANS Playwright: Glen Barrett
Director: Ingrid West
December 20 SON OF FRICKA Playwright:Bruce Kessler
Director: Bruce Kessler

Admission: 50 cents