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Play List 1962

The first La MaMa theatre was in the basement of 321 East 9th Street in Manhattan. The space was 20' x 30' deep and 10' high. It had a hall on the left and a small john in the rear, a large fire place to the right, and a coffee bar next to it which faced the small stage. The stage was not raised and was approximately 12' x12'. No admission was charged; we sold coffee and cake. No actors were paid, instead we passed a basket around and shared. The space seated about 30 people.

Date/ Opened Show Name Details
July 27 ONE ARM Playwright: Tennessee Williams
Director: Andy Milligan
August 4 BEFORE BREAKFAST Playwright: Eugene O'Neill
Director: Andy Milligan
August 17 A CORNER OF THE MORNING Playwright: Michael Loscasio
August 24 AFTER SUPPER AND TALK Playwright: Russell Thacker
September 7 RAT FINK Playwright: George Spelvin (a.k.a. Jesse Bigelow)
September 21 THE TWO EXECUTIONERS Playwright: Fernando Arrabal
Director: Andy Milligan
September 28 A PERFECT ANALYSIS GIVEN BY A PARROT Playwright: Tennessee Williams
Director: Andy Milligan
October 5 HEAD HUNTING Nation: Korean Playwright
Playwright: Pagoon Kang Wouk
Director: Poppy (Andy Milligan)
October 19 THE NIGHTINGALE AND THE ROSE Playwright: Oscar Wilde
October 26 LAZY BABY SUSAN Playwright: Leonard Melfi
Director: Gino Ardito
October 31 THE ROOM
Playwright: Harold Pinter
Director: John Chase
(Pinter came in person to stop the show because we paid no royalties, but he let us run.)
November 23 LAUGH WITH LEACOCK Playwright: Steven Leacock
Director: Neil Flanagan
November 30 ROCOCCO JOKER Playwright: James Eliason
December 7 THE FLOOD Playwright: Anthony Keller
Director: Raphael Crystal
Composer: Anthony Keller
(La MaMa's 1st Opera)
December 14 THE COLLECTOR Playwright: Kate Hoffman
Director: George Harris
December 21 HOLIDAY
Director: Joe Davies
(Based on Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales)

Free Admission