three one acts by mrozek
Performed by Students & Alumni of the Department of Performing Arts, Pace University

The Club

March 19 - 21, 2010
Friday & Saturday at 10:00pm
Sunday at 5:30pm

Tickets $18
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Enchanted Night, directed by Ruis Woertendyke
Out at Sea, directed by Grant Kretchik
Serenade, directed by Cosmin Chivu
All written by Slavomir Mrozek

Three of the most popular plays by Slavomir Mrozek -"Enchanted Night", "Out at Sea", & "Serenade" are telling three stories of alienation, abuse of power, conformity, and the limitations of human freedom under a totalitarian system. 

ENCHANTED NIGHT- Two business men spend the night together in a hotel while on a conference.  They are visited by a beautiful young woman but don't know which of them she has come for . . . or is she real at all and maybe this is a dream and what are you doing in my dream?  A night they'll both try to forget. This comically provocative one-act is underscored by the band playing downstairs, the passing train, and a squeaky bed.

Ruis Woertendyke (Director) is a LaMama baby of the seventies and eighties.  Currently Chair of the Performing Arts Department at Pace University. Featuring:  Grant Kretchik *, Jon Gabrielson, Lilah Shreeve

OUT AT SEA - a story of the selfish, savvy and eager. Stranded at sea three characters take a surreal journey when they are forced to decide how to survive. Campaigning, elections, and scandal all give way to sacrifices for the greater good. The human need for a sense of purpose and legacy can create quiet an appetite.

Directed by Grant Kretchik * (Faculty) Featuring: Kristen Vaphides, Julie Robles, Dorothy James Loechel, Matt Alford, Ruis Woertendyke    

SERENADE tells the story of Fox, a natural born killer with a conscience. He attempts to seduce the Hens of a local henhouse, under the beak of an overprotective Rooster.

Directed by Cosmin Chivu (Faculty) Featuring: Christopher Azara, Steve Lesce, Chelsea Roe, Kehinde Koyejo, Talitha Custer, George Robson, Giacomo Rocchini

Set Design Gian Marco Loforte
Live Music by George Robson
Sound Design Scott O'Brien
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