heavy like the weight of a flame

First Floor Theatre
***Extended by Popular Demand!!!***

February 11 - 14, 2010
Thursday - Saturday at 7:30pm
Sunday at 2:30pm

Tickets $18
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Featuring R. Ernie Silva
Written by James Gabriel and R. Ernie Silva

R. Ernie Silva just recently got nominated for Best Solo Performance by the LA Weekly!!

A Bushwick projects street kid +
domestic strife + deaths of close friends + overdose of an idolized older brother =
Pick up your guitar and hit the road

An autobiographical one man show about a kid who decides to run away for a better life on the road in America – Will he become a casualty of the “road” if he goes; a victim of the “street” if he stays? Maybe the road is just another street in Brooklyn.

Actor, guitarist, stand-up and sketch comedian, USC graduate, Ernie Silva tells his story; sometimes fun, other times harsh but always universally human. Ernie Silva comes back home to New York City to tell the story of the trip.

“The sheer strength of will that it took for Silva to outstrip such negative indoctrination is inspiring”
“Silva is a charismatic talent! I expect we’ll be seeing more of Mr. Silva and this is a good place to get acquainted”

R. Ernie Silva is a product of the Bushwick projects in Brooklyn New York where he grew up the youngest of 13 siblings. His creative career started at the age of 12 when one day while break dancing in the streets he and his crew Love Disco Style were discovered by radio station 98.7 KISS FM where Eddie Rivera chose them to be the station’s resident dancers. It was there Ernie got his first tastes of life in front of  live audiences as they immediately began performing in shows with some of street music’s hottest acts across the city. As Ernie grew so did his taste for performing, but now with a more eclectic edge. He left breaking and became fascinated with performers like Flip Wilson, Freddie Prinze, and Richard Pryor. Consequently, the desire to make people laugh drew him back to the stage at places like the upper west side’s Stand Up New York, The Comic Strip in the upper east side, and the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. At age 17 standup became his new voice. Eventually his musical side came calling to be recognized. It was then that the voices of people like Andres Segovia, John McLaughlin, Paco DeLucia Son House, and Jimi Hendrix began to join all the other voices he loved. All these exploits and years of traveling around playing guitar, acting and doing comedy in stand up and sketch comedy forms eventually earned him a full scholarship to the newest Graduate Acting Program at the University of Southern California. Soon the world of one man shows moved into his sights. It was in this realm that Ernie would find the creative room for all of his individual abilities to coincide in harmony in whatever capacities he chose. There is where he has been ever since.


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