donald does dusty

The Club

April 5, 2010
Monday at 8:00pm

Tickets $15
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Created and performed by Diane Torr
originally commisioned by Glasgay!

We grew up in a housing estate in Aberdeen, Scotland. My brother, Donald, escaped to London at the age of 15 with the dream of becoming a millionaire. During the early 70's he was a singer and dancer in the BBC television troupe, The Young Generation. He also performed in West End Shows and TV ads for sweets like "Opal Fruits - made to make your mouth water...".

I looked on with exalted admiration. Donald introduced me to drag, how to walk in high heels, and to the voice of Dusty Springfield. Dusty was his heroine and his inspiration. DONALD DOES DUSTY pays homage to both of them - both coming from lower class backgrounds desirous of fame, both closeted gays in a homophobic Britain, and both forceful and demanding personalities given to dramatic outbursts!

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