the priest and the clown

The Annex

February 23, 2009
Monday at 7:30pm

Tickets $20

Written by Sandro Gindro
Addapted & directed by Daniela Morelli
in association with the Italian Cultural Institute

"I believe that normality is evil and that madness is the worst. I believe that the right to be different is also the right to be equal." These words are by Sandro Gindro, psychoanalyst of Freudian formation, composer, playwright, and founder of the association "Psychoanalysis Against" (Psicoanalisi Contro) and of the Psychology Institute for Social Research (Istituto Psicologico per le Ricerche Sociali). One character emerges from the drama: the priest who struggles with the two sides of his soul: that of the priest and of the clown. The question is whether to believe or not in the existence of God. When the clown, the only one who knew how to show gratitude and for whom the creation of the sun, the sea, and the trees was worthwhile because he knew how to enjoy them, is killed, the priest asks: "what will God do", thus admitting his belief in his existence. As does the blind boy whose singing is inspired by the beliefs of Saint Anselmo from Aosta.

By: Sandro Gindro
Adaptation and direction: Daniela Morelli
Music composed: Maurizio Camardi
Saxophones and duduk: Maurizio Camardi
Keyboards: Alfonso Santimone
With David Sebasti

Performance in English

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