blue day

First Floor Theatre

May 28 - June 14, 2009
Thursday - Saturday at 8:00pm
Sunday at 2:30pm

Tickets $18

Written and directed by Alessandro Corazzi from Italy

Alessandro Corazzi, an Italian filmmaker and playwright of "human comedies"
(Commedie Umane), will have his first American production with "Blue Day," a two-character play that will be performed in English.

Giulio, a newly-unemployed and temperamental man of 35, sits outside a factory holding a sign that says "I Lost." He has drenched himself with gasoline and plans to set himself on fire. He has also notified the news media of the impending debacle. His suicide is interrupted by the arrival of Carlotta, a fresh, pretty and sassy 17 year-old girl, who ultimately saves his life with her spunkiness and her ability to lie.
The play, then, is their delightfully ironic dialog about reality, existential problems and social injustice. It's dedicated to "the ones who resist."

Corazzi has been Assistant Director to Italy's Dario D'Ambrosi on each of D'Ambrosi's productions since 2002. This play will be presented in association with Associazione Panni Sporchi, an Italian producer of original and refined comic entertainment whose authors "represent life through the realistic point of view used by authors of the Poetic Realism Movement." The play's English translation is by Celeste Moratti.

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