Jeffrey & rick: down with love

The Club

February 15 - 17 , 2008
Friday & Saturday 10pm
Sunday 5:30pm

Tickets $15

With special guest Clay McLeod Chapman

Photo: Stefan Bernarsky
From L to R: Jeffrey Marsh, Jefferson Kidd, Rick Sorkin (with guitar)

An Anti -Valentine's Cabaret
with guest performances by
Clay McLeod Chapman
Johnny Showcase and the Showcase Family
Liz Rywelski
Nicky Paraiso

"…due for his very own musical …if they can figure out how to package his ukulele-strumming, taboo-tweaking, stream-of-consciousness fabulosity. We half wish they wouldn't, so we could keep him to ourselves."Time Out New York  
"eclectic, gender-bending, comedy / commentary troupe" - Fire Island News

'Stop and see something you don't usually see"The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jeffrey Marsh
continues to blur gender-identity lines using dignity and patience with the help of his musical partner Rick Sorkin. Their two man show, described as "Late Night Talk Show meets Sonny & Cher meets Kurt Weill", blends traditional 20th century French and German cabaret, musical theater selections,  pop music deconstruction, comedy, and audience interaction.
They've brought along some friends for their harpooning of Valentine's Day.


Jeffrey Marsh continues to blend gender-identity lines with dignity and patience. Marsh, like Luke Skywalker, was raised on a farm and painfully unaware of his destiny until he came of age. He has lived as a Zen monk and as a multi-line phone operator.

Rick Sorkin is the Sonny to Marsh's Cher. His laid-back but rapid-fire approach to on-stage support has turned critics and fans heads since his first performance at age 6. He counts health inspector, driving range golf cart operator, and video store clerk as previous professions.

Playwright and story-teller Clay McLeod Chapman has seen his short fiction transposed to the stage for over the last ten years, produced in such various venues as Romania, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States.

Johnny Showcase, a Native Rhode Islander, is the 1993 winner of the "Magic in Every Note" Award, and dubbed "Top-Shelf Crooner" by the Providence Journal Bulletin in 1996. After faking his own death in 1999, and hiding out in the Amish communities of Lancaster, PA, he has returned to reclaim his title. "I just wicked like to sing a lot," says Showcase.

Liz Rywelski is a performance artist. Her back-catalogue includes collaboration's with female employees of Kmart Department stores, films by Sri Slava, Improv with Johnny Showcase, and live performances as "balboa throat" with the band ManMan. 

Nicky Paraiso...

*WARNING*, Bonnie Showcase, a wildly un-talented twirler and chanteuse, is the ex-wife of Johnny Showcase.  She has not been invited to perform with us; however, we are listing her because she is known for crashing gigs and violently demanding stage-time. If you see her please inform the management.

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