Jeffrey & rick

The Club

January 28, 2008
Monday at 8:00pm

Tickets $10

With special guest Clay McLeod Chapman

Photo: Stefan Bernarsky
From L to R: Jeffrey Marsh, Jefferson Kidd, Rick Sorkin (with guitar)

Jeffrey Marsh continues to blur gender-identity lines using dignity and patience with the help of his musical partner Rick Sorkin. Their two man show, described as "Late night talk show meets Sonny & Cher meets Kurt Weill", blends traditional 20th century French and German cabaret, musical theater selections,  pop music deconstruction, comedy, and audience interaction.

"…due for his very own musical …if they can figure out how to package his ukulele-strumming, taboo-tweaking, stream-of-consciousness fabulosity. We half wish they wouldn't, so we could keep him to ourselves." – Time Out New York

"eclectic, gender-bending, comedy / commentary troupe" - Fire Island News

'Stop and see something you don't usually see" – The Philadelphia Inquirer

Jeffrey & Rick will be joined by playwright and story-teller Clay McLeod Chapman

"If Chapman keeps up with the oddball characters, well-crafted stories, and critical plaudits, that Faulkner guy better watch out." -   The Village Voice

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