The hole in the wall

The Club

March 31, 2008
Monday at 8:00pm

Tickets $15

An evening with Haim Isaacs

Photo: Ivan Midderigh

Sound Sparring

A soaring vocal line strains against the bellowing of the ram's horm; chiseled harmonies follow in the path of rythmic animal sound.

Hebrew Poetry

Traveling though the dark thoughts of Ecclesiastes, past the corrosive humor of the Renaissance and into the stripped language of contemporary poetry, the text in Hebrew step through time.

Things written and unwritten

Compositions bend and overflow into inprovisation, breaching form to search for the unknown.


The singer/musician embraces the space, using the architecture to sculpt the music.

Haim Isaacs

Composer and singer, he has just brought out his second CD "The Hole in the Wall." His work is strongly influenced the Roy Hart Theater, contemporary dance and clowning.

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