The Club

October 6 - 21, 2007
Friday & Saturday at 10:00pm
Sunday at 5:30pm
* Opens Saturday Oct 6

Tickets $15

By CollaborationTown

Townville is a picture-perfect artist's community engineered for happiness -- there's a musical every day!  But when people start disappearing as often as songs are sung, Townville's secrets begin to surface, unraveling life as Townville knows it.

Award-winning theatre company CollaborationTown presents TOWNVILLE, a new play (with music!) by CollaborationTown, with text coordination by Geoffrey Decas, Boo Killebrew and Jordan Seavey, music compsed by Michael Wells, choreography by Boo Killebrew, and direction by Matthew Hopkins and Ryan Purcell.

Townville is a picture-perfect artist’s community engineered for happiness, where everyone works
hard by day to run the town, then makes art when the sun goes down. When Townville’s enigmatic
government requests a play to be performed for the highest authorities themselves, Townville’s
residents know they’d better put on a good show. As it becomes clear that secret-free Townville may
in fact have a secret or two after all, a new theatre director arrives with a whole new vision for
Townville’s upcoming performance. And as Townville’s population starts disappearing, life-or-death
choices must be made if its residents want to live freely – or at all. Developed in residence at Robert
Wilson’s Watermill Center, TOWNVILLE is loosely inspired by the stories of “intentional communities,” especially Theresienstadt (AKA Terezin), the Nazi concentration camp famously used as a propaganda town during WWII. Holding thousands of Jewish artists and scholars, Theresienstadt resulted in the largest surviving record of Holocaust-produced art including the children’s opera Brundibar. TOWNVILLE brings unexpected, hilarious life to the darkest of stories, using history and text, music and dance, in a way only CollaborationTown can.

Founded in 2003 by alumni of Boston University’s Theatre Studies program, OLLABORATIONTOWN
makes all artistic and operating decisions by way of a team called the Artistic Core (JESICA AVELLONE, GEOFFREY DECAS, TERRI GABRIEL, MATTHEW HOPKINS, BOO KILLEBREW, JORDAN SEAVEY and TJ WITHAM), stepping outside individual, traditional “roles” in order to unify different styles, opinions, backgrounds and philosophies into cohesive ensemble-driven pieces of theatre. Past productions include 6969 (at 59E59 Theaters; nominated for 6 Innovative Theatre Awards including Best Ensemble), The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos (FringeNYC 2006 Award Winner), They’re Just Like Us (nominated for 4 2006 Innovaive Theatre Awards including Best Original Full-Length Script and Best Production), The Astronomer’s Triangle (nominated for 4 2005 Innovative Theatre Awards including Best Original Full-Length Script and Best Production), The Trading Floor, This is a Newspaper (FringeNYC 2003 Award Winner) and Dante’s Inferno. Shenanigans Comedy Collective, CollaborationTown’s rebellious middle child, performs biting sketch comedy throughout NYC.

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