The Club
March 16 - 18 & 22 - 25, 2007
Friday & Saturday 7:00pm, Sunday 5:30pm
Also Thursday Mar 22 at 7:00pm
Tickets $15

ArtWorld Production.
Written & Directed by Marisa Buffone

ArtWorld Studio Productions's American premiere, Tarantella written and directed by Marisa Buffone, is a cultural-anthropological drama with music, dance, song and video. Tarantella is an original play based on cultural and artistic aspects of Southern Italian life.

Tarantella   is a celebration of life expressed through the southern Italian traditional dance of the Tarantella and Pizzica in its original integrity. Tarantella will also feature original ballads, authentic costumes, animation, film clips and images. Dramatic dialogue will be in English, Italian and local Southern Italian dialect with surtitles in English.

The story is set in the South of Italy in the 1940s.  An eighteen-year old girl and a twenty- year old boy have shared a bond of love for two years. Every day Paolo climbs the mountain where Caterina lives with her wealthy and respected landowning family. Their love is as innocent and real as the feeling of hope that followed the liberation of Italy from the darkness of WW2. The excitement of the unknown and a sense of good things to come are in the air. But everything seems to be changing too quickly, and an unexpected series of events, choices and missed opportunities, change the young lovers’ lives forever.

The multimedia aspects in Tarantella will facilitate and entice all audiences to participate in this interactive theatrical experience. The performance will transcend all language barriers and move towards the understanding and enjoyment of a true social-cultural experience. Tarantella runs at approximately 90 minutes.

Marisa Buffone

Marisa was born in Toronto, Canada where she currently lives. When she was still a child her family moved back to Italy where she grew up and was educated, eventually settling in Rome where she taught English and Italian as second languages.

Marisa has always had a passion for theatre and singing and while studying Modern Languages and Literature at the University of Salerno (Dottore in Lettere, cum laude), she also attended the Conservatory of Music of Salerno where she studied voice and piano. Following the completion of her graduation thesis on the work of La Mama E.T.C. Marisa began attending and participating in shows produced by La Mama and Ellen Stewart where she acquired more practical knowledge about all aspects of theatrical production.

Back in Canada, Marisa immersed herself fully in further study and research into Italian language, literature and poetry and completed her Master of Arts in Italian Studies at the University of Toronto. Following her MA, she obtained a Bachelor of Education, specializing in drama and Italian.

Marisa is currently a high school teacher in Toronto and enjoys engaging students in dramatic performances, dance and drama-related activities throughout the curriculum. In her spare time Marisa continues to study opera and piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto. She enjoys pursuing her passion for music and theatre by participating in local theatrical productions and choirs. In 2001 Marisa started a theatre company with her high school students. ArtWorldTheatre was launched with the specific goal of raising money for charities while entertaining through the arts.

Marisa is currently directing her own play Tarantella: an original multi-art musical drama based on her cultural background and on the art of the dance of the tarantella, which she has been studying in Italy for the past six years. Marisa takes great pleasure in presenting this play at La Mama Theatre in New York, for it is “here that I have learned everything I know about the theatre and met the talented and wonderful people who have inspired me, most of all Ellen Stewart, founder and artistic director of La Mama ETC and a spiritual and artistic mother to many including myself.”


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