seven days

The Club

November 14, 2007
Wednesday at 8:00pm

Suggested donation $15

Written by Shlomi Moskovitz
Translated from Hebrew by Antony Berris

A staged reading directed by Geula & Victor Attar

On a stormy night four characters are driving alone on the road. Tamar is longing for her former lover Emanuel from whom she separated 18 years ago. Emanuel is on his way to her, wishing to arouse their old love. Her husband Yotam is crying out his pain and distress to the Heavens. Their daughter, Neta returns from a seminar of “Returning to Judaism” mad and angry. She is looking for answers. Emanuel's appearance at the house rocks the family to its foundation. The plot develops in surprising ways that are parallel to the spiritual structure of the Seven days of creation from chaos to harmony.

This Reading is supported in part by the institute of Israeli Drama in Tel Aviv