Mumbo jumbo

The Club

April 13, 2007
Friday at 10:00pm

Tickets $15

Richard Cohen

Stefano Zazzara, Sully, JM, Bob Smith
And other surprise guests


By Richard Cohen, King of the Unintelligible--an evening of PARASKEVIDEKATRIA, songs, magic, incantations, improvisations, visitations, exploitations.  Afraid to come ???!!!  YOU SHOULD BE !!!

Confront your fears on Friday the 13th, LET THE MUSIC SHOW YOU THE WAY !!  Hang out with the ancient Norse god LOKI, who started it all.  Bring 12 (not 13) objects, such as coins, shoes, hairbrushes, clarinet reeds, pearls, etc. ALSO STARRING:STEFANO ZAZZARA, SULLY, JM, BOB SMITH, OTHER SURPRISE GUESTS. 

Walk Carefully On The Stairway, And Don't Step On Any Cracks!!


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