La Vie Noir

la vie noir

First Floor Theatre
February 15 - March 4, 2007
Thursday - Saturday at 8:00pm
Sunday at 2:30pm
Tickets $15

Music by Harry Mann and Neal Kirkwood
Lighting by Carol Mullins
Sets and costumes by Meg Zeder

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"At $15 a ticket this is not only fun but a big bang for the buck recommendation"
- Elyse Sommer,

LA VIE NOIR, Jim Neu’s new comedy of culture, directed by Keith McDermott.

In LA VIE NOIR, our national habit of turning everything into entertainment may have lethal consequences. The play’s characters find themselves in an increasingly perilous situation that seems more like a movie than real life. Their survival may depend on the answer to the question, “Are we in it or at it?”

While a storm rages outside, a group of typical Americans gather at the Blue Heron, a pseudo-tropical lounge atop the tallest building in a small Midwest city. As their suspicions grow that they are being manipulated by outside forces, the plot becomes life-threatening – a lightning strike traps them 40 floors up and a tornado is heading their way.

The cast is headed by Dowtown Legends Mary Shultz and Black-Eyed Susan. They are joined by Agosto Machado, Deborah Auer, Tony Nunziata, John Costelloe, Chris Maresca, and Jim Neu. The original music is by Neal Kirkwood and Harry Mann.

Jim Neu’s writing has mined the rich vein of irony, contradiction, and absurdity in American culture since the late 70s. Whether it’s spy films (UNDERCURRENT INCORPORATED), Westerns (TARGET AUDIENCE), detective movies (MONDO BEYONDO), or Hollywood history (KISS SHOT), his plays show how generations of audience development have altered attitudes, behavior, and reality.

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