a global dionysus in napoli

The Club

September 21- 30, 2007
Friday & Saturday at 10:00pm
Sunday at 5:30pm

tickets $15

by Giuliana Ciancio, Nicola Ciancio, Paolo Favero
OPS associsation, Italy

“A GLOBAL DIONYSUS IN NAPOLI” is a performance setting out on a search for Dionysus, the Mediterranean God of conviviality, food and dance, amidst the scenario of contemporary metropolitan life.

Set in a contaminated Naples, with its passages leading to the rest of the world, “A GLOBAL…” attempts at giving a sense of the tensions between modernity and tradition, locality and globality.

“A GLOBAL…” is based on the life of Marcello Colasurdo, symbol of traditional Neapolitan music and master of the tammora, the local frame-drum. Introduced as a present-day incarnation of Dionysus, Marcello is the ‘vehicle’ for a travel across space and time:

…the ancient days, with their songs and dances enacted in hope for a rich harvest…
…the post-war industrialization translating agricultural communities into urban suburbs…
…the seventies and the struggles for workers’ rights…
…the contemporary world, with its newness and contaminations on one side and its invisible
empires on the other…

Staging the “(un)real” biography of an artist, the performance offers insights not only into Neapolitan and Italian (hi)stories but also into global transformations. It addresses a world in which the commercial packaging of traditions and ‘ethnic’ identities works towards a silencing of their power of resistance.

“A GLOBAL…” is born as an interdisciplinary project blending music, food, theatre, art and video. It took off with an ethnographical research on Marcello and the suburbs of Naples. Interviews with Marcello Colasurdo and the collection of historical, visual and iconographical material have been molded into an original text (written by anthropologist Paolo Favero) that has been developed hand in hand with choices regarding scenographic, artistic, theatrical and musical elements (by Giuliana Ciancio and Nicola Ciancio).

Marcello Colasurdo

One of the living symbols of popular music in the region of Naples, Marcello Colasurdo has been on the music scene for the past 30 years. A former factory worker he has always combined his artistic activity with his engagement for issues involving workers rights. He has been a member of the worker’s band of Pomigliano d’Arco "E Zezi" for 18 years as their voice and symbol. Presently as the lead voice in the band "Marcello Colasurdo Paranza" which he founded in 1996, he recorded the new CD "E Manco O Sole Ce A Sponte". But for many years hence Marcello conducted a solo career that was enriched by his collaborations with different artists. In  2000 he recorded  the CD “Lost Souls” with the group Spaccanapoli  for the prestigious British label Real World (headed by Peter Gabriel) and toured the US, Japan, Malaysia, Turkey and Europe with them. He has collaborated with Alma Megretta, Daniele Sepe, 99 Posse, N.C.C.P. (Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare) both live and in the studio. Along with his career as a musician Marcello, has also worked as actor collaborating in cinema with directors such as Federico Fellini, Salvatore Piscicelli, Antonietta De Lillo and Antonio Capuano, and in theatre with Mario Martone, and Giorgio Presburger. Marcello has been the main character and source for continuous inspiration and knowledge for A Global Dionysus in Napoli since its inaugural performance in 2004. www.marcellocolasurdo.it

OPS Association

The OPS Cultural Association works with design, organization and production in the field of contemporary culture. Conceived in Naples in 1999 and composed by freelancers from different professional backgrounds, OPS focuses primarily on experimental and inter-disciplinary projects. OPS is the producer of A GLOBAL DIONYSUS IN NAPOLI.

Marco Messina

Born in Naples in 1970 Marco began his career as a DJ at the Rookery Nook, Naples. He collaborated with the group Ubris in 1986 and is among the founders of the program Ciobango (broadcasted by Radio Città Futura in 1985). In 1991 he became one of the leading figures of the famous hip-hop band the 99 Posse. From 2000 Marco started his solo career. In 2001 he worked creating soundtracks for the theatrical production, ‘Dentro la Tempesta’ (later released as a record  titled “la Tempesta”). In 2003 with the duo Retina.It, he founded the independent label Mousikelab. In 2004 he founded the trio “Resina”, and with them turned out the successful CD “Opinioomnium. A politically conscious artist, Marco has through the years collaborated with other politically motivated artists and groups among which include Speaker Cenzou, Papa J, Mandara, Dennis Bovell, Bala Perdita, 24 Grana, Peppe Voltarelli, Roy Pacy and Pino Daniele. Marco joined the cast of A Global Dionysus in Napoli as a DJ and performer in 2006.

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