Dancing with bishop

The Club
March 30 - April 8, 2007
Friday & Saturday 10:00pm
Sunday 5:30pm
Tickets $15

Performed by Saskia Hegt
Poems by Elizabeth Bishop


Poems by Elizabeth Bishop, conceived and Performed by Saskia Hegt. A theatrical solo in which poems and letters by the poet Elizabeth Bishop are combined with movement and music.

Inspired by the depth, wit, and turbulent life of Elizabeth Bishop (1911-1979) - poems and letters have come together with movement and music to bring to life the world of Elizabeth Bishop and the restless world we live in now. Dancing with Bishop is about the tension between staying and leaving in all its shapes and forms. Most of the time we want both. We run and we stay, running and staying. Like the sandpiper running from the ocean, and the next moment standing still, looking. Staying in a foreign country and thinking “Should we have stayed at home and thought of here”, we travel, want to stay but cannot because the plane is leaving.

Elizabeth Bishop, an amazing poet, is a keen observer of nature, appealing to all our senses. In 60 minutes Saskia Hegt paints for us through Bishop’s work who we are and how we cope in this world. The past and the present melt into each other. Hegt’s solo is inspired by what Elizabeth Bishop wrote regarding the art of poetry: “the difficulty of combining the real with the un-real; the natural with the unnatural; the curious effect a poem produces of being as normal as sight and yet as synthetic, as artificial, as a glass eye.”
Dancing with Bishop has been performed in Washington D.C., Amsterdam, The Netherlands and New York City.
"... a gripping and heart-racing portrait of the great poet Elizabeth Bishop, …a thrilling interior monologue for the actress. You can almost see the rhapsodic beating of the heart and the labyrinthine workings of the mind."    
                                                                                      -Christopher Correa, Dance View Times

About the Artist
Saskia Hegt was born in Holland and has an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Leiden, Holland and an M.F.A. in theatre from New York University. She was an actress in André Gregory’s Manhattan Theater Project (1969-1979) and appeared in their Obie award winning productions of Alice in Wonderland and Wallace Shawn’s Our Late Night. Thereafter she worked with directors Anne Bogart, Stephanie Skura, Richard Schechner, Liz Swados and others. Her directing credits have taken her to Belgium, Holland, Germany, Canada as well as in the US.  She is on the drama faculty at  NYU Tisch School of the Arts (Experimental Theatre Wing) and has been a guest teacher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Saskia believes in inter-cultural exchange and has worked with artists in South Africa, Chile, Ecuador and Indonesia.

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