Antigone - Stage reading

The Club

May 17 & 18, 2007
Thursday & Friday at 10:00pm

Suggested donations

Featuring Zishan Ugurlu as Antigone
Written by: Jose Watanabe
Directed by: Gisela Cardenas
Costume and Set design: Oana Botez Ban
Lighting Design: Lucas Krech
Video and Sound Design: Brian Dilg

Peruvian Japanese poet Jose Watanabe’s adaptation of the classic Greek play will serve as the production’s source text. An English version of Watanabe’s text will be supplemented with Turkish translation of Sophocles’ famous work. This project is conceived as a one-woman show featuring Zishan Ugurlu, a Turkish-American actress performing all characters. Ms. Ugurlu -- actress and director-in-residence at La MaMa ETC, Great Jones Repertory Company and an assistant professor at Eugene Lang College the New School for Liberal Arts--

The project is an outgrowth of my previous work revising classical plays to illustrate contemporary themes. Antigone examines how ethical reflection informs personal and political behavior during challenging times. For artists working in diverse cultural settings, the process of adapting one’s aesthetic and moral norms to shifting world boundaries generates a creative dynamic that is rarely captured in art. Our responses to international moral and political dilemmas are often irrational or uninformed. Using theater to examine these situations helps us identify those aspects of cultural identity which are malleable – and those which resist change. 

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