A brief look @ everything and nothing

The Club

November 20 & 21, 2007
Tuesday & Wednesday at 8:00pm

Tickets $12

where do we come from?
What are we?
Where are we going?
Tapping into our times from all sides

by Laraine Goodman and friends

Read and listen WNYC featuring the show here!

Tap thru time.....riffs on life cycles, survival.... adaptation, evolution, change, absurdity... rhythmic takes on our Times. Interconnectedness of life and love, fullness / emptiness....
how we’ll survive...intersection of science, art, politics and faith....pulsing forward....evolving / revolving....

cast of characters: Laraine Goodman, Anke Frohlich, Rachelle Garniez, Chikako Iwahori, Hank Smith, Michela Lerman, Traci Mann, Megan Haungs, Toes Tiranoff, Jane Goldberg, Rashida Bumbray, Noah Damer, Michael Arian, Staphane Larriere, Scott Lyons, Bernice Brooks (drums), Debbie Kennedy (bass), Ayako Shirasaki (piano), Heather Paauwe (violin) & more

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