THE Tooth of Crime
The Annex
October 3 - 22, 2006
In celebration of La MaMa's 45th Anniversary
Tues - Sat at 7:30pm and Sun at 2:30pm & 7:30pm

*La MaMa's 45th Birthday Gala Performance on Oct. 18!!
Written by Sam Shepard
Directed by George Ferencz

Box office 212.475.7710

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October 18, 2006
Special 45th Birthday Gala Performance and Reception
Food, Drinks, Music and Dancing!
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“The Tooth of Crime” will be the centerpiece of the 45th-anniversary season at La Mama, the East Village experimental theater run by Ellen Stewart, since its inception in 1961. In 1983, the company mounted a production of the play (which had its New York premiere in 1972) under the direction of George Ferencz, who staged the entire work as a rock concert. The director’s approach, for a play about a fading rock star fending off the ambitious newcomer who wants to take his place, was well received by critics. In 1997, Mr. Shepard rewrote the play as “Tooth of Crime (Second Dance),” which is the only version for which performance rights are currently available. At Ms. Stewart’s request, though, Mr. Shepard will allow one more production of the original script this fall, with Mr. Ferencz once again directing. Starring as Hoss, the rocker on the way out, is Ray Wise (Hap Gardner on the Fox show "24" and Don Hollenbek in "Good Night, and Good Luck"), who won an Obie for his 1983 performance in the same role.

The New York Times
August 7, 2006


La MaMa ETC's 1983 production of Sam Shepard's THE TOOTH OF CRIME will play in the Annex Oct 3rd thru Oct 22nd in celebration of La MaMa's 45th Anniversary.

The production will be directed by George Ferencz with music by Sam Shepard, Musical Direction by Bob Jewett, Stage Design by Bill Stabile, Costumes by Sally Lesser and featuring Ray Wise reprising his Obie-award performance as Hoss.

This project was done originally in association with Syracuse Stage/Syracuse University.

Cast: Arthur Adair as Referee, Raul Aranus as Doc, Gideon Charles Davis as Galatic Jack, Nick Denning as Crow, Cary Gant as Cheyenne, John Andrew Morrison as Starman, Jenne Vath as Becky Lou and Ray Wise as Hoss.

Sample reviews from 1983 production:

La MaMa's THE TOOTH OF CRIME is raunchy. obscene, loud, astonishing, different and exciting. It's about gang war, class war, the pop culture war, where stars are killers. The game is rough, the stakes are high, the language is flash. Inventively staged by George Ferencz, in a stylized fashion, it's something between Greek tragedy and a rock show. THE TOOTH OF CRIME is razor.
- Pia Lindstrom, WNBC-TV

A slashing interpretation . . . the imagery is visceral and sexual . . .Ferencz has had the ingenuous idea of staging the entire evening as a rock concert. This production of THE TOOTH OF CRIME is very razor.
- Mel Gussow, New York Times

La MaMa's dazzling new production of THE TOOTH OF CRIME is a spectacular show. Lean and mean and wired to the eyeballs, this bold new version turns the playwright's 1972 poetic fantasy about fame and power into a modern rock'n'roll war. It's all very exciting and unnerving, a stunning show.
- Marilyn Stasio, New York Post

Finally THE TOOTH OF CRIME is given a production that has its actions and emotions in the right place. All the elements are laid out clearly and with emphatic force and no froufrou
by someone who knows every inch of the dramatic action. Ferencz brings out, more strongly than I've seen it in any other production, the warmth of Shepard's despair. Ray Wise as Hoss gives a ferocious, magnetic performance of unyielding energy. THE TOOTH OF CRIME is probably the best play written in English in the past decade.
- Michael Feingold, Village Voice


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