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The Club

September 22 - October 8, 2006
Friday & Saturday at 10:00pm
Sunda at 5:30pm
Tickets $20

Written by Alba Sanchez & Peter J. Brynes
Directed by Gary Dini

What do you get when you take a South Bronx Puerto Rican chick and give her a gay best friend from Appalachia? Hint: It ain’t Will & Grace!

S&M, swingers, AIDS, Santeria, Walter Mercado, and cow-chip bingo?! Alba Sánchez, a leading female comedic voice in the Latino community, with the help of her friend Peter J. Byrnes, uses her sarcastic wit to examine the clichés, stereotypes and misconceptions of the races, and ethnicities that make up modern America, while examining the life of their long-time friendship. Together, they perform dozens of characters – each! -  in this hilarious multi-media series of vignettes that looks at culture through a Latino and gay-Appalachian-White-Trash lens. 

Alba Sánchez has been the face of HBO Latino’s Habla campaign since its inception, is a regular performer at the Apollo Theater, and won the 2003 Big Apple playwriting award for her popular one-woman show The Bronx Witch Project.  

Peter J. Byrnes has known Alba for over 15 years and this is their first on-stage collaboration. He also performed in HBO Latino’s Habla  campaign as the sole gingo.

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